fire and lightRating: 2.5 stars
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Length: Short Story

Several years after their divorce, Hugh’s ex-wife decides that she doesn’t want her son and gives Hugh full custody. Hugh loves his son and finds this a wonderful turn of events, even if it means he has to rearrange his life. With 6-year-old Orion living with him, Hugh and his son are adjusting to life as a family when a chance encounter with a man named Quigley changes all their lives forever.

This is a short story about a romance that starts in an equally small amount of time. Hugh has just gotten custody of his son from his ex-wife. She is in a new relationship and her boyfriend does not want Orion around. Quigley is a man on a 2-week vacation. The men meet cute in a surf shop and bond over board shorts and goggles. In that 2-week time frame, the men fall in love and decide to be a family, along with Orion. Orion adjusts beautifully. Everyone is happy. The end.

That’s the story. Short, sweet, and with no character building, no foundation on which to build a realistic love story, and certainly no depth.  What it does have is loads of sex scenes, with a smattering of story. It’s fluffy with some lovely scenes between Hugh and his son. That is really the best part of Fire and Light, the father-son relationship. Of course, that is also the component that makes the acceptance of a stranger and the instant family kind of creepy.

If Berengaria Brown is a must read author for you, then go ahead and pick this up. But for the rest of us, I would give this a pass.

Note: This is the second edition of this this story. It was first published June 16th 2011.


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