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Length: Novella

Greyson Hayes’ life is being a firefighter and he loves the work and the camaraderie with the other guys.  Except for an isolated incident with another boy as a teen, Grey has always been into women, so he is surprised when his first reaction to new transfer Mica Cruz is one of attraction.  And when Grey realizes that Mica shares the attraction, his lust is fueled even higher.  The guys immediately act on their interest and things quickly develop between them.

But aside from his growing feelings for Grey, things haven’t been so easy for Mica lately. He transferred to Grey’s station after being harassed by a fellow firefighter at his old one. Rumors about his homosexuality have followed him here, and one guy in particular holds a grudge that Mica was hired over one of his friends.  When things escalate to threatening notes and then violence, the situation becomes even more serious.  Not to mention that the men must decide whether to come out and be open about their feelings for one another at the firehouse.  With threats to both their safety and their jobs, the men must decide if they can really make it work together.

So I love a good sexy firefighter story and this one really brings on the heat.  Despite Grey’s lack of experience with men, these guys are quite sexy together (and the scene where Mica describes to Grey his jerk off fantasy is crazy hot).  I really enjoyed them together, as well as their friendships with the other guys in the firehouse.  I could feel the camaraderie and liked those scenes in particular.

I think my biggest issues here stemmed from the fact that this is a relatively short story and things just happen so super fast.  Grey goes from straight-identifying, to hot for a coworker, to hearing Mica’s fantasy, to rubbing off against him in the sleeping quarters in a matter of hours. I always appreciate when a character can accept his feelings for another man with little angst. So it wasn’t so much the lack of flailing here, as just that the whole book moving like lightening.  By their second time together the guys have moved into an emotional relationship and are already dealing with whether to come out  to their co-workers, despite what that may mean for their jobs. And don’t even get me started on the fact that when Grey is injured, Mica says if Grey died, he would rather die with him than go on living. It has been a matter of days, you guys.

I can’t quite get a handle on the time period here, but the whole book seems to take place in a week or so.  It just seemed like things flew by so fast that it was hard to believe in the depth of their feelings or how easily they were ready to move into more.  It is not just their romantic feelings that are fast, but also the how quickly they deal with coming out, how fast the suspense plot comes and goes, and how easily the conflict is resolved at the end.

But if you are looking for something easy and don’t mind the fast pace, I still think this one is kind of fun.  It is a light, easy read and certainly hot.  If you like your firefighters big and brawny and very horny, this may be perfect for you despite the fast pace.

P.S. Draven stopped by a while back and shared a very sexy excerpt with us (the fantasy/rubbing off scene mentioned above). So if you want to get a feel for the writing and the heat, stop by and check it out.


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