herbal remedyRating: 4 stars
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Length: Short Story

Jordan Ackerman is excited to start his new job, learning more of his craft as a hedge witch and making a name for himself, not to mention finally doing well financially. But the job isn’t all he thought it would be. He travels more than he’s at home, his clients are spoiled brats, and just when he thinks things are getting better something happens to take him a step back. When on a business trip, Jordan meets Shayne Radcliff, another hedge witch in town on business. The chance meeting turns heated and Jordan only wants more when the men realize they actually live in the same city. But as their relationship grows over the following weeks, secrets and lies threaten to destroy the one bright spot in Jordan’s day.

Herbal Remedy is the second short in the Paranormal Days series by Megan Derr and Sasha L. Miller. And as with Beach Remedy, I thoroughly enjoyed Herbal Remedy. Again, I would call this a fun beach read, because, yes, I like to read on the beach. It’s a fun, sweet story with very little angst. I’ve enjoyed the light feel of both stories.

Jordan and Shayne are great characters – both strong men in their own right. As the story is told from Jordan’s point of view, we get more of him, and I adore him. Jordan is sweet, a bit of a loner, and a provider. He’s the stereotypical hedge witch hippie. I adored him — tattoos, piercings, former dreadlocks, and all. Shayne is Jordan’s light in the darkness, sounding stone, and stability when life gets to be too much. They are not completely perfect though, so I won’t ruin it for you if you haven’t read the story, but their imperfections only make them stronger together. I wouldn’t mind seeing more of them later.

This is another story about the beginning of a promising relationship. It’s well written and paced perfectly. The story is engrossing from the beginning. The world that both authors have collaborated to create is a mix of contemporary, fantasy, and paranormal. It’s fun and different, which is always a plus in my book. I hope to see more stories in this world someday.

So, yes. I liked this one as well, which didn’t come as much of a surprise to me as I’m already a huge fan of Ms. Derr. And this story is a check to all of my summer read high points. I love the characters, the light feel of the book, and the creativity in such a short length of time. I recommend Herbal Remedy by Megan Derr.

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