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Some of the most beautiful, heartwarming stories have been seen and told since the repeal of DOMA. And each time I think of them, it brings a smile to my face. None more than the fictional world of Emile City and my favorite characters of Cardeno C.’s Home series.  Marriage: A Home Series Celebration updates us on the lives of the couples we have met so far in the series.

David and Jonathan, still in love unconditionally. Noah and Clark, still going strong. Ben and Micah, devoted to each other and to their family. Caleb and Andrew, best friends and lovers to the end. Zach and Aaron, complete opposites, yet perfectly matched. And Jake and Nate, lifelong soul mates.  Throughout the years readers have fallen in love with one or all six couples, and now with the repeal of DOMA some of my favorite characters are getting to see their dreams come true.

I absolutely adore this update. I fell in love with Noah and Clark the very first time I read their story and then with each couple in the books to follow. This anthology of sorts is a welcome and satisfying read. I don’t want to give anything away, so I will say that I love that each outcome remains true to each couple, which makes it all the better.

I have yet to get enough of these couples and their many different personalities. Cardeno C stays true to each character in portraying their goals and dreams for their relationships, as well as staying true to their personalities as well. I’ve always said that it’s near impossible to choose a favorite book or character in this series. They are all so wonderful in different ways. And that remains true. I loved getting a little bit of each man in this book.

So, this is the only book in the series that should be read in some semblance of order. I definitely recommend reading all six books before reading Marriage in order to get each characters full story. Marriage by Cardeno C. gives face to the hope that comes from the epic repeal of DOMA and to the hope that someday soon marriage equality will be part of our everyday lives. I highly, highly recommend Marriage by Cardeno C.

Cover: How much do I love this cover? I absolutely love everything about it. From the steps of the Supreme Court to each couple standing in front of it to the ring exchange, Paul Richmond has created a beautiful, touching, and perfect cover.

P.S. This anthology is available for free from Dreamspinner Press, as well as All Romance Ebooks.

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