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Joe Dexter is a Dominant with a stellar reputation within the London BDSM scene. He is a criminal psychologist, but also runs The Edge, a corporate training company, with his best friend, Heath. When the owner of The Underground, a London club, calls him in and introduces him to a new sub, Joe falls hard and fast. The young man is beautiful and deeply submissive, but also has a spark that hints at a bit of mischief.

Olly knows Joe is one of the best Dominants on the scene, and Olly’s in the market for a new master. When a tragedy occurred to Olly, his previous master, instead of sticking by his side, abandoned him when he needed him most. Olly is flailing without the direction and support of a good Dom, and he and Joe make a quick connection. It would seem Olly’s troubled life was finally looking up.

Before Joe can stake his claim, Olly’s once again in danger, and Joe must go after what he knows to be his, before it’s too late. Joe’s not willing to let the best thing in his life go without a fight, but it won’t be easy to get Olly back where he belongs.

This was a fairly intense look at the BDSM scene, where Doms and subs have clearly defined roles, and not adhering to the power structure results in punishment. I loved the relationship between Olly and Joe, though. There was definitely some rough play between the two, but the genuine affection they had for each other balanced it out. These are my favorite type of BDSM books, where the Dom is a sexy muscled man in leather, and the sub is an angel-faced waif. It may not be original, but it works.

I really liked the characters that Somerset created. The relationship between Joe and Olly was fun to read and their lighthearted dialogue kept this book from becoming to heavy. I did have a bit of a problem with the insta-love. Falling into a Dom/sub relationship quickly did not seem that unusual to me, but to immediately have feelings of genuine love for someone you’ve only just met? I wish the author would’ve held out on that a little longer.

My biggest complaint with this book is the balance of sex with plot and character development. The sex scenes are hot, and I enjoyed them a lot, but they basically took over the book. Since this novel was so short, it didn’t leave a lot of time for us to get to know the characters, and while I thought the main conflict in the story was solid and intriguing, it all happened at a fairly rapid pace in order to make room for the plentiful sex scenes. I would’ve liked to see more about the characters I grew to love.

I am looking forward to reading the next book (which I hope is about perhaps my favorite character from this book, Joe’s best friend Heath. Yum!), and if you’re into BDSM, definitely give this a read.

Note: This book will be published by Total-E-Bound on July 19th and can currently be preordered on their site for 10% off

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