saved by surrenderRating: 4.5 stars
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Length: Novel

Regan Adamson carries the world on his shoulders. He holds great responsibility as a beta of his pack. He watches out for and takes care of his brother. And he takes care of some of the unattached submissives of the pack when they are in need of domination. But Regan has a secret, one that he wars with constantly. As a natural beta, Regan is dominant by nature, but he also craves a strong hand to make him yield. But in his world it’s not normal for a dominant to submit, in fact it’s unheard of, especially when that dominant is a respected beta.

As an omega and a member of the Circle, Titus Oswin has more leniency when it comes to his sexual preferences. For as long as he can remember, he’s known that he’s preferred to switch – sometimes topping, other days needing to play the bottom role. Finding his mate in Regan was at first a surprise, as he thought he would mate another omega, not an obviously dominant beta. But there is something about Regan that makes Titus long to know the man better. After all, fate is never wrong in her pairings.

But Regan isn’t ready to out himself as a switch. Hell, he’d never heard the term until he met Titus. Regan fears the reaction from his Alpha, his brother, and his pack if they were to find out his secret. In denying his desire and his true nature, Regan is denying his wolf. Titus won’t give up on Regan, especially when he learns the beta’s secret. Convincing Regan that submitting is natural for their mating is the challenge. And Titus has his work cut out for him when denying himself and his wolf leads Regan down a path that he may not make it back from without accepting himself and the help of his mate.

Saved by Surrender is the fourth book in the Marked series by Jana Downs, and I’m a little ashamed to say that I have not read the previous three books, especially after I finished this story. But that will be corrected immediately. So, first (or second…or third), let me say this book was a great read. It’s sweet and relatively angst-free. It’s a feel-good book that I enjoyed from beginning to end. The story is catching from the start. As a matter of fact, the opening sequence had me giggling:

“I need some cock.” The voice had Regan raising his head to see who the hell was speaking to him. He blinked as he met the eyes of the short little art store owner he’d had a few times over the years.

“Um, excuse me?” Say it again, little bit, and I’ll give you your wish. He hadn’t been with anyone in a few weeks, which was unusual for him. Ever since he’d been poisoned by the little fucker who had betrayed their pack and tried to off him and Ryan in order to get to their Alpha, he’d been off his game. The little artist wouldn’t satisfy his hungers, but it would give him a bit of peace for a few days.

“Cock. I need some. You know, the sticky stuff you use to seal cracks and stuff.”

Regan blinked. “You mean calk?”

“Yeah. That stuff.”

Regan’s lips twitched in amusement. “There is a slight difference.”

And that leads me in to the character portion of this review. This author has a talent when it comes to bringing fun, lovable characters to life. And, I’ll be honest. I love men of all shapes and sizes in my romance. Downs writes them that way – some of the twink variety, some of the bear variety, some of the big, macho alpha variety – in all sorts of mixes and matches. One of my favorites is the two large alpha male pairing, and this story is just that. Regan and Titus are both extremely strong, stubborn men. They butt heads and fight against either themselves or one another. But that makes the result of their relationship that much sweeter. They truly are a good pair.

Werewolves, packs, pack structure has been done over and over again. But Downs gives a new take on her view of the werewolf world. One of the most notable aspects of the world in the Marked series is the pack structure, namely the role of the omega being a strong male enforcer. I like that the omega is a protector, a strength in his own right. Then the addition the D/s relationships as part of the internal pack structure. This world is a breath of fresh air.

Now, my one complaint lies with the editing, and really only in the beginning. We all know I’m a little OCD and it’s the little things that I notice. But in at least the first half of the book, there are sentences that don’t make and missing or misplaced words (had, instead of have). But overall, it takes very little from the enjoyment of this book.

In the end, I’m sure it’s obvious that I adored this book. The characters are wonderful, not only the main characters but the key secondary characters as well – which is a big reason that I want to read the previous books. The world is new and unique. I love a good world building, with new components and refreshing views. And the story is entertaining and fun. I’m looking forward to reading the previous installment and I can’t wait to see whose story is next. Recommended.

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