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Length: Short Story

A cryptic message from a teacher has guided Joel through his life, and he is determined to remain pure and clean in wait for something special to happen to him. But when tragedy strikes, Joel isn’t sure if he can live up to what is supposed to be his destiny.

The night his destiny comes calling, Joel awaits what he is certain will be rejection. But the unicorn who shows up is more surprising than Joel expected. When a sudden danger threatens Joel and the unicorn before they have a chance to meet, Joel is certain it is for the best. But a swift rescue and an accidental bond take Joel and the unicorn Laburne on a journey of trust, forgiveness, and healing.

Silver Pearl is a very short but sweet tale. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: there are not enough unicorns out there. But I’m thankful for the sparse unicorn stories that show up. This is one that is adorable, if a little too short.

The world that this author has created is beautiful – one of unicorn shifters who are drawn to virgins, of a group of people with a shared energy. The unicorn dimension (that’s what I’m calling it because I can’t think of a better word) is fantastic. The unicorn people as a whole are fascinating. I only wish there could have been more of the world “on screen.”

The story is fast-paced and didn’t give me a lot of time to think, which I guess could be seen as good and bad. I didn’t mind it so much. The setup is nice, but a little confusing at first, although it doesn’t take too terribly long to catch on. But I still have some questions. Who are the hunters? How do they know about unicorns? Yes, hunters hunt unicorns by magical means, but how does that work? What’s next for Joel and Laburne? It’s hinted that Laburne, and maybe his family, are important and powerful. Who are they? I would have like the story better if I didn’t have so many questions at the end.

We all know how much I love a broken character, and Joel is definitely broken. He’s jaded, mistrustful, and scared. I really like Laburne because he’s so imperfect – quick to speak without talking, messing up the bonding, letting his temper get the best of him. They are quite the pair. I like them together, but I think I would have loved them had I had more time with them.

As always, I will let you readers know that rape is a subject in this story. The event happens before the story begins and is not replayed on page, but some readers, I know, have an aversion to this subject.  I have no problems with it, especially in this story, as it defines Joel’s skittishness and his fear.

In the end, I really like Silver Pearl. It has its ups and downs, but overall it’s good. In my opinion if it would have been longer, if there had been more story it would have been great. I adore the characters and this world. But the story left me with too many questions. I’m hoping that there will be a sequel to this lovely unicorn-centered story someday.

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