celestine roomRating: 4.75 stars
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Length: Short Story

As the day of the dead approaches, the city of Melinoe follows tradition in celebrating the solstice by way of masque balls, the greatest of which is thrown by the king himself. It is this night that the necromancer, Nikos, joins the celebration only to be taken by surprise. When the High King announces a truce between the kingdom and the nosferatu, Nikos, along with the rest of the kingdom, is caught off guard

The nosferatu, the vampires, are undead monsters who have haunted Nikos’s people for as long as they can remember. But there is one. One who has always caught Nikos’s interest. Rune. When Nikos comes face to face with Rune at the ball, he has a choice to make. Fall back into his old habits with Rune or walk away. Only this time Nikos isn’t sure which decision he will regret the most.

If you have read any of my reviews, you’ve occasionally heard my rave about an amazing cover artist named Jared Rackler. Well, now it’s time to rave about his fabulous writing. That’s right. Mr. Rackler has become a double threat, a wonderful artist in many senses of the word.

In his debut short, Rackler gives readers a glimpse into an amazing world created, built, and portrayed in only six-thousand words. The world is what caught my attention first. It’s a world of fantasy and mystery. A world of vampires, necromancers, nymphs, and so much more. It’s a world at war with itself, in the stages of healing. When it comes to the world of The Celestine Room, this author has covered all his bases.

I am dying for more of this story. The taste of rekindling love, the feeling of mistrust between the kingdom and the vampires as a whole, and the hope and fear surrounding it all has me begging for more. This short is sweet and intense, and oh-so satisfying. So much so that I didn’t want it to end. I wonder if I could talk the author into more of Nikos and Rune in the future. I’d even like to see the very beginning of their relationship.

And I’ve saved my favorite for last. Both Nikos and Rune are wonderful characters. They are wonderfully developed and perfectly conflicted. I enjoyed every aspect of both, especially Nikos, as the story is told from his point of view. Nikos’s connection to the dead as a necromancer leaves him lonely on all other fronts. His bond with Rune is undeniable. They are both strong characters, strong men, and very likable. I really do hope for more of their story in the future.

I can’t say that I’m surprised that this short was so good. As a cover artist, Rackler displays his dedication and creativity through picture. As an author, he does the same through word. I love everything about this story. My only complaint would be that it ended. I want more of this world, of this story, and of these characters. I can only cross my fingers now. I highly recommend The Celestine Room by Jared Rackler.

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