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It’s been six months since the kiss that gave Alex Koch hope. He knows that he wants to be with Nik Schulze, but Nik is still hesitant and Alex is getting impatient, although his attraction to Nik hasn’t waned. Seeing Nik for coffee every few days, growing and striving to become Nik’s equal, is worth the wait in Alex’s mind. Even if Nik still refuses to say they are dating, Alex holds out hope that they will be together soon.

When a cooking competition show offers him a spot on their reality show, Alex immediately agrees in order to put Schulze in the spotlight. He’s excited when he finds out that Nik has been chosen to compete as well, even if Nik seems a little surprised that Alex was chosen at all.

As the competition gets under way, Alex’s desire to prove himself as Nik’s equal is strong. When the producers discover the former rivalry between Nik and Alex, they play it up in the competition, even if now their feelings are quite the opposite. And despite Nik’s attempts to push Alex away in order to focus on the competition, Alex refuses to be pushed away. He will do anything to walk away from the competition with both Alex and the win.

Okay. For a foodie, like me, who loves cooking shows and cooking channels in general, this book is awesome. I loved this story. Finally, readers are getting to see more of a relationship than was displayed in the previous book, A Cut Above the Rest. And this story itself is exciting, like that of an actual reality competition show. It’s fun. It’s sweet. It’s an all-around good story. I enjoyed this one even more than the first.

We get to see more of Nik in this story which was one of my complaints in the first book. He’s a little more insecure than I expected – not in his professional life, but in his personal life. It works for his character. Makes him more likable, not so stuck up. His past was alluded to in this story, but I look forward to learning more in future installments in this series. I really liked Alex in the last book and I find myself liking him even more in this book. He’s grown up, matured even more in the past six months. He knows what he wants and he’s determined to get it. Yet he’s patient and understanding at the same time. The air of competition with Nik has dissipated noticeably to a point where he’s more accommodating and supportive. I look can’t wait to see how he progresses as the series continues.

I love the way this author portrays the world of competitive cooking – the production, the behind the scenes issues, the fierce competition, and backstabbing. This book puts readers in the place of the competitors, feeling their stress, their frustration, and their confusion. The world this author has put forth is amazing and so much fun.

One of my biggest quibbles with the first installment was the lack of physical description of the characters. And whereas some of the physical aspects of the characters are still lacking, this story did have more than the last. I was able to kind of picture the characters, maybe see Nik a little better than I did before.

So far this book is my favorite of the Appetite series. I love the characters and I absolutely loved the setup of this story. The world and the story itself are so much fun. I have enjoyed this series so much and look forward to what Andor has coming up for Alex and Nik. I highly recommend The Competitive Edge by Talya Andor.

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