jaynewsHi everyone!  As our schedule continues to get busier here at Joyfully Jay, it seems like the right time to look for another reviewer to add to our gang.  I am looking for someone who loves to read, loves m/m romance, and is excited about the idea of sharing this enthusiasm with others.

Right now I am looking for someone who can do about a review a week.  While the reviewer wouldn’t be strictly limited to these areas, I am specifically looking for someone with a high level of interest in some or all of these sub genres:

  • Historical
  • Menage
  • MMF
  • F/F
  • BDSM and hard core kink

If you are interested in the job, here is what I need.  Please send me an email with the following information:

  • A little bit about yourself and your reading interests. How long have you been reading m/m (or GBLT) and approximately how many books do you read per week (or month, or whatever)?  What sub genres do you most like to read (and any you don’t like to read at all)? Favorite authors? Favorite books/series? 
  • A few samples of reviews.  This can be links to existing reviews or you can attach reviews to your email. I’d like at least one to be a longer and more detailed review, similar in style to those we write for the blog to give me a feel for your reviewing style. You are welcome to create a review just for this if you don’t anything already written.

Last thing, I am sorry but my policy is to not have published authors as reviewers. I feel like this creates too much of a conflict of interest on many levels.  If you have freebies out there on GR that is fine, but no published authors please.

I think that is it. We have lots of fun here and it is a busy and exciting blog. I am looking forward to a chance to bring on someone who is equally enthusiastic and wants to share in the fun!

If you have any questions or want to talk more, just shoot me an email.  And please feel free to share this message if you know folks who may be interested.  I don’t have an official deadline but I’d like to make a decision in the next couple of weeks.  So if you are interested and just need some time to pull things together, shoot me an email so I know it is coming.  Thanks!


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