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Daniel Kashaveroff doesn’t love his job. He doesn’t even really like it, but it pays the bills. As a maximum security correctional officer, Kash has never been able to be himself, never able to tell the world that he’s gay. His past relationships have failed for that very reason, and he’s not sure if he’ll ever find a man who will either understand his reasons for staying in the closet or be worth stepping out of the closet for.

When his partner puts in for his retirement, Kash is assigned a new, younger partner. Zane Davis is a newbie in the correctional system. He’s beautiful, funny, and exactly what Kash wants. It takes some subtle (and some not so subtle) hints for Kash and Zane to find their way together, and once they do, Kash finds himself in the middle of a super steamy relationship with a man he’s not sure he can trust. He has no problems with the fact that Zane is bisexual. His problem is with the lies and cheating, but Kash over looks it in hopes that things will change. He’s not deeply devoted to Zane, but maybe he could be if he can give the relationship more of a chance.

With the arrival of a young inmate convicted of murder, Kash finds himself in a situation of blurred lines. He doesn’t understand his connection to Cody Ives. But once he learns the young man’s story, Kash can’t dampen the need to help. When the lines become blurred, affecting not only his relationship, but his job as well, Kash has to step back and evaluate what is important in his life, and what is truly worth fighting for.

I’ve read several books from this author – some funny, some exciting, some that cross the paranormal boundary. And I’ve liked most, if not all of them. But I’ve not liked any more than Compromised. This book…I just love it.

First, Stone takes his readers on a journey through a world that most of us (if we’re lucky) will never get to see. I mean, you can watch all the reality shows and prison movies you can get your hands on, but this level of description takes some serious research. I’ve had some friends who have worked for the prison system. I’ve heard their stories and as far as I can tell (I am, by no means, an expert) the world that this author creates from his words is fairly true to life. And what a world it is. The dirty, gritty prison system is well defined as a world of fear and survival. It’s scarily exciting.

As I was reading, I was worried about the relationships in the story. I am not usually a fan of books in which the heroes have sexual interaction outside of the happily ever after relationship. Yes, I know, it’s shallow of me. I’m working on it. This story has definitely made me rethink that stance. I love the relationship between Kash and Zane. I love even more what the relationship grows into. The strength in the honesty of their friendship, it creates such a great bond between the two. I was confused by the bond between Kash and Cody in the beginning because of Kash’s relationship with Zane, but rest assured, Stone works everything out by the end of the story and ties it all in a neat little bow.

This plot is one of mystery and excitement. There are twists that I never saw coming. I am always one who tries to figure out what will happen before it happens, but I never saw this coming until it hit me in the face. I enjoyed everything about this story from the romances to the deception, from the drama to the mystery. It is all so very entertaining and perfectly planned out as well as written in a manner that made me not what to put the book down.

Compromised is the first book in the Uniformity series by Ethan Stone and I am dying for more. Zane and Blake? I’m definitely crossing my fingers. If they aren’t a couple, then I’ll be looking forward to reading both of their stories. And Evan? One can only hope that Evan will have a story where he may get a taste of his own medicine. Who knows? What I’m trying to say, is that I cannot wait for more.

So, as I’m sure you can tell, I absolutely loved Compromised. It’s a wonderful story set in a world very unique to this genre. I adore the main characters and fell for the secondary ones as well. I look forward to what this series has coming up in the future. Well done! I highly recommend Compromised by Ethan Stone.

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