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Yancey McCafferty knew at eighteen that he was in love with Juan Romanos. Taking time to follow their dreams, Yancey and Juan have spent most of the past thirteen years apart. And now Yancey is ready to move on with their lives together. When Yancey learns that a veterinarian near Juan is retiring, he jumps at the opportunity to be closer to his love, even if that means leaving his family and moving to the other side of the country. He only hopes that he an Juan still have the connection they once had now that they’ve grown up.

Juan has always loved Yancey. He knew it when he was sixteen and he knows it now. His second love is riding and jumping, which has taken him away from his family, but they understand his dreams. He’s always known one day Yancey would come for him, and he only hoped that when that day came that he would still be the man that Yancey had always loved.

When Yancey surprises Juan with his move to Virginia, a mile down the road from Juan’s training center, the two pick up right where they left off, only this time Yancey won’t be leaving. The test of their relationship comes with learning to live with one another and accepting one another’s careers – Yancey’s long hours and Juan’s sometimes dangerous job. They must learn to trust their love and each other if their relationship is to survive the road bumps life has in the way.

Home Sweet Home is the fifth book in T.A. Chase’s Home series, and so far it’s my favorite book of the series. I’ve been waiting for Juan and Yancey’s story since book two where they were introduced. This is a feel good book. It’s the one book in this series that has no conflict. It’s a sweet and perfect story for Juan and Yancey, who have been through enough in their pasts.

I adored Yancey and Juan as younger men, full of life and energy. But I absolutely love them now. They are all grown up. Yancey is now a veterinarian and Juan a show jumper. They are both a little insecure in their relationship at first, but as they have been from the beginning, they are meant for one another. I love their support and willingness to let the other follow their dreams. They are both supportive and loving almost to a fault, but for them it’s parallel to their character. They are even sweeter together than they were previously in the series.

I love that the author always shows a different aspect of the cowboy life. This time Chase takes readers further into the world of English riding and jumping competitions. The research into the subject is obvious and well appreciated as I love jumping competitions. It’s takes readers into a part of the horse world that is not often portrayed in books, especially in our genre. I love the uniqueness of the events and the training. I think this author has done a great job guiding readers through this fun world of horse and rider.

I do have one small quibble and that’s with the introduction of Scout. The author made it look like Scout might add some type of conflict to the story, but truly I’m not sure what the purpose of his role was. Once he was introduced into the story, he sort of disappeared. Also, I’ve had issues with this author’s writing in the past, and whereas the writing isn’t flawless in this book, it is much improved and easy to read.

In the end, I am pleased with this book as a whole. I love the characters and I’m glad they got a story without too many complications. I’ve heard that this was to be the final book in the series, but there is a set up for Edward to finally get a story, so I’m crossing my fingers that he will get one soon. He deserves a happy ending as well. I definitely recommend Home Sweet Home by T.A. Chase.

Note: The books in the Home series by T.A. Chase are written to be read in order.

Here is the Home series in the order they were released:

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