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Length: Novella

When Mark advertises for a new roommate in his Brooklyn apartment, he never expects to end up with Justin, a gorgeous, former minor league baseball player. The guys turn out to have a lot in common, including a love of baseball, and seem to be perfect roommates. When Mark confesses how much he would like to fall in love and have a relationship, and Justin admits how difficult it is dealing with the loss of his baseball career due to injury, the guys decide to take a cooking class together. This way Mark will be exposed to new guys and Justin can spend time cooking, a distraction from baseball and something he really enjoys.

At first things seem to be working out just perfectly. Justin is a star student and Mark meets a nice guy in class. But then things become complicated as Justin begins to realize he is not so thrilled to have set Mark up and that he really wants him for himself. And Mark has been attracted to the handsome Justin right from the start, and it is becoming increasingly clear his feelings for his classmate can not compare. But both men are wary about admitting their feelings for fear of ruining their friendship and their good roommate arrangement. They will both need to take a risk and share how they feel if they are to have a chance at a real relationship together.

This is a sweet story with a bit of the geek/jock trope that I always enjoy, along with a friends to lovers vibe as well. Both guys are appealing and likable and I enjoyed their shared love of baseball and the two different paths that brought them each to the game. The guys have a nice connection and an interesting progression from slightly awkward roommates, to friends, to ultimately lovers. I also liked seeing Justin find his way from mourning his lost baseball career to finally seeing a little bit of light and direction for where his life might go from here.

This story is fairly short and doesn’t have a lot of major conflict. Although it was enjoyable, I wished for a little more intensity here as the story rolls along easily but it didn’t feel like much going on and things resolve fairly fast once Justin recognizes his feelings for Mark. While there is nothing particularly problematic here, there is also nothing that really jumped out and grabbed me either. So perhaps just not as much spark as I would have liked to give the story some more energy.

Overall this is a sweet story about two likable guys who share a love for baseball and for one another. Baseball fans in particular might enjoy this one, as well as anyone looking for a nice, relatively low angst story about friends who turn into more.


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