Joyful approach badgeHello guys! Today I am very excited to welcome author Daniel A. Kaine here to Joyfully Jay! Daniel is here as part of the Joyful Approach: Countdown to GRL and is introducing himself with the Ten Things You May or May Not Know About Daniel Kaine! Daniel has also brought an except from his book, No Angel, as well as a copy to give away. Please join me in giving him a big welcome!

Hi everyone. Daniel Kaine here, and thanks for having me. Are you all excited for GRL 2013? I know I am. Last year in Albuquerque was my first time attending, and I can’t wait to go again. I made lots of new friends while I was over there, but I’m sure there are still plenty more people who don’t really know me, so I wanted to introduce myself and say don’t be afraid to come say hi if you see me around. I don’t bite… Which brings me nicely onto point one of Ten Things You May or May Not Know About Daniel Kaine!

1) I DO bite

Not to worry, though. I save this sort of activity for the hot dudes. There’s just something very sexy about seeing the outline of your teeth on a guy’s skin. Maybe it’s all that paranormal stuff I’m reading. And, hey, I’m all for being bitten too.

2) My brain IS the gutter

I am definitely not as innocent as I first look. Choose your wording carefully around me, because I will catch anything that could be construed as dirty and make you aware of it. Or sit there giggling to myself while I wait for other people to catch on. While I was at university, my friends would only have to see me smile to know that something lewd was coming.

3) I regularly go to perv on hot muscly guys at the gym

Most people who know me in real life are surprised to find that I’m at the gym most nights after work. The fact that there are usually plenty of gorgeous men pumping their hard muscles is a very nice bonus. It gives me something to work toward.

4) I don’t like donuts

But I do like doughnuts. I’m very proud of my British spellings, and I will make fun of the American language. And, let’s face it, American really is a whole ‘nother language. DOUGH-NUTS, because they’re made from dough and shaped like nuts!

5) I’m a big fan of video games

When I was young, I used to play games that were recorded onto cassettes. I believe it was an old Acorn computer. Then came the mega drive, and years later the PlayStation. I love role-playing games, particularly the Final Fantasy series, Skyrim, Dragon Age, and World of Warcraft. Also play a few shooting games, such as Call of Duty, though I’m not very good at them.

6) I love anime

Okay, so moving away from the perverted stuff… I watch a fair bit of anime in my free time. Currently I’m watching Naruto, and Attack on Titan, though there have been plenty of others in the past. Bleach, UraBoku, Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi, Blast of Tempest, Loveless, Sword Art Online… to name a few of my favourites. And here’s a little known fact for you: the characters Mik and Ash from my Daeva series were loosely based off Teito and Mikage from 07-Ghost. In the anime, Teito is the wielder of the Eye of Mikhail, which is where Mik got his name from (not from Mikage, as you might think).

7) I started out writing fanfiction

Back when I was unemployed and bored out of my mind, I stumbled upon an adult fanfiction site. After reading through plenty of smexy Naruto x Sasuke stories, I decided to try my hand at writing one. It was quite cheesy in places, and I used words like ‘seed’ that I would NEVER use now. In fact, I think it’s still out there on the internet… Hope no one ever finds it!

8) I’m a qualified biology teacher

So, I probably know your anatomy better than you do. Ba-dum-tish! I’ve always wanted to use that line on someone. Anyway, getting back on track. I did complete a teaching degree and spent a year in school placements. But, I decided I hated working with teenagers and went for a completely different career in customer services instead.

9) I cannot cook

How I’ve managed to live on my own for two years now is an absolute miracle. I always joke that I’ve probably built up a resistance to all forms of food poisoning from constant exposure. Anything more complicated than putting something in the oven for 20 minutes, or frying in a pan, and it goes over my head. I did recently learn how to make pancakes though. It took me months to learn how because I always had the temperature too high, but better late than never, right?

10) Robbie Williams was my first celebrity crush

Back when I was eleven years old, I had a major crush on singer Robbie Williams. He was the first guy (and first person, for that matter) I ever fantasised about sexually after I saw him on the TV one night.

Well, that’s me in a nutshell. Before I go, I’m going to leave a quick excerpt of my latest book, ‘No Angel’, which came out with Dreamspinner Press on August 26th. I have an ebook copy up for grabs to one lucky reader. Giveaway details can be found at the end of the post.

I’m looking forward to meeting you all and getting to know everyone. And I just want to say thank you to Jay, and the people over at The Novel Approach, for this wonderful blog event.

See you in Atlanta, and I hope you enjoy the excerpt!


No Angel – Chapter 3

No AngelJosh opened his eyes. How much time had passed? He stuck his head under the shower and ran his hands through his hair a few times. After lessons he’d need to buy some toiletries with the money he had. Still dripping wet, he exited the shower and dried himself off. He changed into clean clothes and crammed his dirty ones into the backpack along with the damp towel before slinging it over his shoulder.

He turned to exit, his eyes meeting a mirror on the far wall. Josh froze and then walked slowly up to his reflection. His lower lip was split on one side, a deep purple bruise decorating his left cheek. A cut on his forehead had scabbed over. He could have been the poster boy for domestic abuse.

Not wanting to dwell any further on his injuries, Josh left the locker room in a hurry. Maybe he should have called in sick. He pulled his hood up, keeping his head down as he made his way into the school’s main building, shuffling along with the crowd of teenagers as they headed for registration. Turning into one of the quieter corridors, he narrowly managed to dodge running into a wall of bone and muscle. He muttered an apology and went to continue on his way when an arm barred his path. A hand knocked his backpack from his shoulder, sending it crashing to the floor.

“Hey, where you off to in such a hurry, Kid?”

Why Mike Potter, of all people? Josh turned and crouched down to pick up his bag. Mike kicked it across the corridor as Josh reached out for it.

“I asked you a question,” the boy said. Josh kept his mouth closed. He scrambled across the hallway to pick up his backpack, then started toward the main corridor, hoping to lose the bully in the crowd. He took a step forward before being yanked backward. His feet almost left the floor, and his back slammed into the nearest wall. “Don’t try and ignore me, Kid.”

Josh resisted the urge to scowl and instead kept his head down. His heart beat faster in his chest. After everything that had happened the previous night, why couldn’t he just have one day of peace?

“Sorry, I didn’t see you,” Josh said.

“Maybe if you didn’t keep looking at the floor,” Mike said, gripping Josh’s jaw and forcing his head back until their eyes met. Mike smirked and yanked down Josh’s hood. “Trying to hide something, are you? So what happened this time? You walk into another door? Fell down the stairs again?”

Josh tried to turn his head, but the viselike grip on his chin held him firm. Mike’s sapphire gaze bored into him, and his teeth flashed.

“That’s a real beaut you got there. What’d you do to piss off your uncle this time? Besides existing, of course. Fuck, I’m getting pissed off just looking at you.”

Then why did he have to keep staring? Why wasn’t Josh allowed to run and hide, never to be seen by him again?

The clacking of shoes against the tiled floor began to die down. Only a few stragglers remained, making their way to registration as a high-pitched bell rang through the hallway.

Mike grinned, his eyes narrowed at Josh. “I’ll be watching for you after school, Kid.”

The hand on his jaw relaxed its grip. A second later, pain exploded in his gut. All air left his lungs. Josh groaned and doubled over before collapsing to his hands and knees. Pressure built behind his eyes, the first tears forming at their edges. He gasped for breath, his fists clenched as he fought back against the rising flood. No way he’d give Mike the satisfaction of seeing him cry.

Josh stayed on all fours, regaining his breath. Then he stood and wiped at his eyes before making his way to his form group. When Josh stepped inside the classroom, all the students turned to look at him. Their eyes widened, followed by hushed whispers as his fellow students shared giggles and quiet conversations. No doubt they were all about him. He tore his gaze away from his classmates, focusing on the floor as he slunk to the back of class and slumped down into his seat.

“Josh, you’re late,” his teacher said, turning away from the whiteboard to face him. “I’ll see you at break in here, please.”

Dammit! Josh grumbled under his breath. It was going to be another one of those days.

About Daniel A. Kaine

Daniel A. Kaine was born and raised in the Land of Rain, more commonly known as England. Originally trained as a biology teacher, he was always unsure what to do with his life. That is, until he chanced upon a fanfiction site and began jotting down stories between his favourite anime characters. To this day, he still cringes at the mere memory of all that cheese.

In 2010, Daniel came across the NaNoWriMo boards and started work on his first original piece of fiction. Since then, his fingers have been unable to keep up with all the ideas and characters his brain keeps throwing at him.

When he’s not writing, Daniel enjoys staying active, whether that be by running along the river banks near his home, or going to the gym. He also enjoys reading, playing video games, and learning new skills, such as image manipulation.



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