Joyful approach badgeHi everyone! Today I am very excited to welcome author Kade Boehme back to Joyfully Jay! Kade is here as part of our Joyful Approach Countdown to GRL.  He is sharing a little more about himself and has brought a fabulous giveaway of an original story!  And the best part… EVERYBODY WINS! Yes, that is right, Kade is making the story available for free download EXCLUSIVELY here on Joyfully Jay!  Woo hoo!

Details are at the end of the post, and in the meantime please help me give Kade a big welcome!

Hi guys. Kade Boehme here. Totes looking forward to GRL! It’s not my first but it IS my first as an author. And we’re in my home town! Actually, the Melia hotel is where my high school prom was held so this is gonna be wildly nostalgic for me. I’m also going a week early to attend ATL Pride (we’re weird and do it in October, but we definitely do it right!)

In a rambling way that brought me to the point behind this post. I’m sure anyone who has read my work has realized I tend to use the South as the setting for many of my stories. It’s obviously because I feel if there’s any setting other than Seattle I can write about, it’d definitely be the South. I come from a humble family. Mama was a teacher, Daddy is a truck driver (this explains the potty mouth).

There’s something culturally different about each part of these United States that tends to make them unique in their own way and I hope that I convey how beautiful the South can be, regardless of stereotypes. Yes, it’s rich in angst material. Most of us come from (and can never shake) very religious backgrounds. Growing up gay in my hometown was not easy, no matter how liberal some of my friends may have been. But my Southern upbringing gave me so much that I’m thankful for and I love to try to pass that on through my characters.

This is why my new short that I wrote for the occasion is another story set in the South. I didn’t set it in Georgia, but a past GRL city, New Orleans. It’s totally free to anyone, but it’s a celebration of the South, which has now been the host to GRL twice, and I hope everyone enjoys.<

Kade has been amazing enough to make his story available for free to everyone exclusively here at Joyfully Jay.  Download formats are below, so ahead and grab it!  Thanks Kade!

dear johnDear John
Taylor and his life long friend, John, have been through a lot of ups and downs. Through it all Taylor loved and supported John, but their fooling around in high school never led to the relationship Taylor always wanted. When Taylor hears John planning a secret wedding, Taylor has to decide whether or not to let John know how he really feels about him, consequences be damned.