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When Matt Sullivan goes to a gay club with his roommate, he just expects a few drinks with his friends. Instead, he finds the most beautiful man he’s ever seen, and it’s lust at first sight. It’s quite a shock for Matt who, although he had an experience with a man many years ago, has a girlfriend and never really considered himself bisexual. As he gets to know Aaron, though, Matt knows he can’t deny the feelings he has for him.

Matt tries to fight his feelings, even going many months before he actively pursues Aaron. Aaron is apprehensive as well, since he has had experiences with straight men in the past. This is a simple love story about two men who have a lot of reasons to stay away from each other but can’t seem to remember those reasons when they’re together.

The best compliment I can pay Better Than Good is that I was so busy this week, I had not a moment to spare, yet all I wanted to do was read this book. The thing that makes this book such a page-turner is not the story, since it’s pretty standard as far as that is concerned, but the characters of Matt and Aaron. Together, their chemistry is intense, but as individuals as well, they are interesting and have a lot of depth.

Matt is obviously going through a lot of things thoughout this book, and it borders on an OFY story. Above all, though, I think it’s a story about finding that one person you feel like you’ve been looking for all your life. It made me happy that Matt didn’t struggle with his attraction to a man, but accepted it as loving someone, male or female, and wanting to be with that person. So while technically it was an OFY, it didn’t contain all that angst one finds in a book where the character can’t accept his newfound attraction to the same sex.

There was nothing groundbreaking about this book. The plot was fairly predictable and unoriginal, but it was a sweet story and one that kept me engaged and invested in the characters until the very end. If you’re looking for a book with characters your love, some intense sex scenes, that is well-written and will hold your interest until the end, look no further.

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