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Still out to right the many wrongs in Axis City, Hogarth and Rook, our unlicensed superheroes that make up the team Checkmate, come across a damsel in distress. Only this is no ordinary damsel. Hogarth has watched Super and Single as long as the reality dating show has been on the air. And the most recent Super and Single sweetheart, Adeleigh Swanson, is standing in front of Garth and Rook in a torn dress, blank eyes with a green glow, pasty complexion, and mumbling nonsense.

After some investigation, Checkmate discovers that the former contestants from Super and Single are being used for a nefarious plan by rogue, former Power Alliance superhero, Professor Panasonic, father to Checkmate’s new ally and fellow technopath Pixel Lee McGuiness. With Pixel’s help, Rook becomes the next Super Single, supposedly searching for the love of his life out of twenty-five eager females.

After Garth’s proposal ends in a less that exuberant manner, he finds himself with doubts. Insecurities eat at him as Rook moves his focus to on the reality show and the investigation. Garth makes his way onto the set as a cameraman, only to find his jealousies and insecurities grow. The further Checkmate delves into the world of Super and Single and the mystery of the missing contestants, Garth and Rook must have to face their own insecurities and fears in order to make it out alive.

Cashing the Reality Check is the second book in Lex Chase’s Checkmate series.

I absolutely love this book. Love. Love. Love! The almost graphic novel quality to this series is what pulls me in every time. No. It’s not a graphic novel, but seriously, this author writes in a way that makes it easy for a reader to picture the settings, the characters, and the story itself. And this wonderful cover by Paul Richmond only adds to my reader’s imagination. This story is incredibly attractive to me. It’s a mix of superhero fantasy, rollercoaster emotions, and a sweet and tough romance. It’s quite perfect.

I knew I loved Garth in Pawn takes Rook. He’s the adorable, plucky geek. He has big dreams and a big purpose for his life, but he’s still this everyday guy with insecurities and doubts and mistakes. He needs reassurances and promises of hopefully forever. My favorite thing about Garth is the stuff that comes out of his mouth. He’s absolutely hilarious. And on the opposite side, Rook is still this confident, brooding, and seemingly-emotionless hero of epic proportions. Truth is he’s a big teddy bear, especially when it comes to Garth.

And the world of Axis City continues to grow, this time within a new realm, a new world with new powers, and a new dimension. I love the incorporation of the real world with this superhero fantasy via a dating reality show. It’s a play on the Bachelor and its fans. I found it creative and unique, from the Super Single, to the contestants, to the mystery, and then how it all affects Garth and Rook’s relationship. It’s truly a fun world.

I can’t say enough about how much I adore this story. It’s funny, exciting, and completely entertaining. The characters, the world, and the story are perfectly combined to take readers on a wonderful adventure. I cannot wait to see what Lex Chase has coming up for these characters. I highly, highly recommend Cashing the Reality Check by Lex Chase.

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