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Length: Short Story

A golden dragon living in the Blackwater Falls Magic Reserve, Aden Canicus prefers his privacy high in the mountains, living in his caves behind the waterfall. Finding himself challenged to three simultaneous games of chess, Aden finds it hard to walk away from such an arrogantly presented challenge. The stakes: if his challenger wins, Aden must spend twenty-four hours with him in his human skin; if the challenger wins, Aden can demand anything of the man. How could Aden say no?

Tjaden Moore is a man of adventurer, a treasure hunter with a curse. When a witch tells him that his destiny is tied with the dragon of Blackwater Falls, the dragon that can break his curse, Tjaden begins planning to meet and capture the attention of the cold-hearted dragon. Challenging Aden to chess was a long shot, but a chance Tjaden was willing to take.

Losing was an unexpected turn of events for Aden, but when presented with a change to their original agreement, Aden makes the new terms to their agreement work in his favor. When his heart becomes involved, Aden fears attaching himself to the human treasure hunter only to watch him leave. But if the witch was right and the curse will be broken, Tjaden may find everything he needs right next to his dragon.

Dragon Tamer is the first book in the Legends of Avalon series, and the debut publication from Skye Dragen.

You know those books that are fun, angst free, easy reads? This is one such book. Some call them fluffy. I tend to call them my palette-cleanser reads. They’re the books I read after a particularly angsty read. They’re the books that I don’t have to put a lot of thought into. I can simply read and enjoy without having my heart ripped out and stomped on.

Dragon Tamer is the story of the playful beginning of an opposites-attract relationship. It’s a fun story of a young treasure hunter and the unexpected treasure he finds. I enjoyed this super sweet, super short story. It was a welcome break after the particularly emotional read I finished prior.

I like the basis of this story. An adventuresome young treasure hunter hopes to settle down but is cursed with wanderlust, always looking for the next adventure. His only hope lies with a stubborn, reclusive, cantankerous dragon that can break the curse. It’s a good story with a few minor flaws, but nonetheless enjoyable. I will also say that I think the story ended perfectly for both the way the story began and the length of the story itself.

The world this author is building is one of beauty and magic. A world of fairies, elves, dragons, and other mythical races. The magical reserve with a game keeper, treasure hunters, and magical artifacts are a fun twist to the world. It’s a world of fantasy and adventure. I’m a little confused by some of it though. In particular, I’m not sure how the game of chess is a point of interest to a dragon, especially in dragon form. Is it that Aden simply loves chess? Does he love all games? Do all dragons play chess? Is it the challenge that attracts the dragon?

In the end, I liked this story. It’s a fun read with sweet characters and light on the plot side of things. I look forward to what this author with present in the future. I recommend Dragon Tamer to those readers who, like me, are fans of all things dragon, to readers who want an angst-free tale, and to lovers of fantasy.

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