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Length: Novella

When Adam accidentally gets a look at his roommate Josh’s porn one night, what he sees both shocks him and turns him on. Images of men bound, kneeling, leashed and collared, they all push Adam’s buttons in a way he never anticipated. Adam has only ever kissed a guy, and never even thought about doing those things in the pictures, but he finds himself realizing that being that man on his knees is exactly what he wants.

When Josh catches him looking at the pictures, the men discover that they have a shared interest and decide to learn with each other.  ach experience is hotter than the next and Adam begins to figure out more about himself and what he wants. He is surprised to find such a connection to Josh, who he always saw as just a jock and with whom he barely spoke previously. But now the guys are definitely forming a sexual connection and Adam is starting to feel an emotional one as well. But is all that’s between he and Josh just some experimentation, or is there a chance it can turn into more?

So I didn’t catch this book when it first came out, but after hearing some buzz about it online, I decided to go track it down, and I am definitely glad I did. His Roommate’s Pleasure hits so many of my hot buttons – two virgin heroes, young love, and some nice kink, all wrapped up in a sweet and light package. My favorite element is really the way the story captures these young men as they are discovering their sexuality for the first time. Both are pretty inexperienced, and in fact Adam has never even contemplated these kinds of sexual interests. But when he sees those pictures on Josh’s computer, it is like this door opens to him and the ideas come pouring in fast and furious. McGregor really captures that sense of newness and excitement, of discovering something for the first time.   really liked the way Josh and Adam learn together, figuring out what they like, and how they each fit into their chosen roles. However, I was surprised at the way they calmly discuss their potential scenes, spend time online discussing merits of floggers, and plan how to work out the details of spanking.  I’m not sure men this young, experienced with sex, and new to BDSM would be quite this mature all the time. But I appreciated the author’s effort to show that Josh and Adam aren’t jumping into this unprepared.

Most of the story focuses on the guys experimenting with new things and figuring out what turns them on. It is definitely a sex heavy story and super hot. We are in Adam’s head and I enjoyed following along with his rush of excitement as he realizes how this kinky stuff is exactly what he has always wanted but never realized. They guys are very sweet together but also incredibly sexy. The other thread running through the story is Josh and Adam developing first a friendship, and then something more.  Prior to the porn incident they barely talked and were just casual friends. Adam’s prejudice against jocks gave him low expectations for Josh, and it is only once they start fooling around that he really gets to know him. Things are further complicated by the fact that Josh isn’t out, especially since he doesn’t think his friends will be accepting.  Adam also struggles with the line between friendship and more, as he starts to have feelings for Josh but isn’t sure that this isn’t all just a convenient friends with benefits kinds of thing for the other man.

These secondary issues raised a few conflicts for me. First, these guys are pretty much laying it all out there sexually from minute one. They talk intimately about what turns them on, have matter of fact discussions about sex toys and scenes, but yet there is no discussion at all of the relationship and their expectations. It is not so suprising given they are college students, but if the author is going to make them super mature and analytical in all other areas, this felt like a weird omission. Also, the issue with the jock thing felt a little too undeveloped. Adam has a definite prejudice against athletes, and even when he accepts that Josh is a good guy, still holds hostility toward Josh’s friends who never did anything to him. We are told that Adam had some issues with athletes bullying him in high school, but his hostility still all felt very vague and not well defined. For being really the only significant conflict in the story, I needed more understanding of the back story and why he had absolutely zero tolerance for these guys.

So overall I really enjoyed this one. Adam is a great POV character and I got a giggle at some of his observations.  He has just the right mix of wonder and excitement that allows us to experience it all right along with him. The two guys are so sweet and kind of adorable in their baby Dom and sub way, and I liked them a lot. The tone of the book is definitely light on the angst and high on the heat.  The roommates in love plot is not a new one, but I really enjoyed McGregor’s fresh spin on it and I will definitely look for more from her. If you enjoy your virgins and your kink, definitely check this one out.

P.S. This one is only $1.99 on Amazon and ARE right now and I think totally worth it.


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