if wishes were coffeeRating: 4 stars
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Length: Short Story

Todd is taken aback when he sees the adorable guy at the coffee counter talking about wishes granted and gifts given. And after a charming conversation, the adorable guy with the startling green eyes leaves, not to be seen again. Days later, Todd comes across a coffee sleeve with Love at First Sight to the holder of the gifted coffee sleeve.

Todd has been friends with Daniel since he moved in his building nearly a year ago. As attractive and charming as Daniel is, Todd has never had the courage to take the next step and ask Daniel on a date. Spending brief moments of time with the eternal beach bum has been enough, at least that’s what he tells himself. After discovering the Love at First Sight ticket, spending time with Daniel seems more significant, but he’s known Daniel for almost a year. First sight passed a long time ago.

Daniel is tired of just being Todd’s friend. He’s ready to move their friendship to the next level. Finally asking Todd on a date comes easier than expected, but moving past that into a relationship may be a little more difficult with the secret that Daniel has always kept from him. But when the Gifter enters the picture, Daniel’s hopes for a relationship may be crushed before they even have a chance.

In one word, this story was cute. From the title, to the characters, to the setup, and execution of the story, If Wishes Were Coffee is a fun, sweet, feel-good type of story that is completely angst free and absolutely adorable.

The friendship leading into relationship between Todd and Daniel is so natural for them both. So much so it’s almost impossible to notice the attraction between them until Daniel asks Todd on a date and then the attraction blossoms. I adore Todd’s almost timid and very trusting nature. His heart is open and accepting. And then Daniel; he’s conflicted and weary, but wants nothing more than he wants Todd. So he faces his issues, albeit not voluntarily at first. Todd and Daniel are great individually, but they are precious together.

This story is a light, fluffy story set in a contemporary world of magic. A world filled baristas and beach bums and children competing in sand sculpture contests, but also a world of wish granters, gift givers, and dune walkers. I suggest if you want to know what any of that is, you read the book. It’s very creative. Even the coffee shop was a world in itself. Unique and beautifully described, this coffee shop is one that I would love to visit.

Overall, If Wishes Were Coffee is the perfect beach read – sweet, easy, and fun. The characters are adorable. And the world is unique. I would love to read more in this world sometime in the future. I definitely recommend If Wishes Were Coffee by Michelle Moore.

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