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Born blind, Howard Justinian has worked to gain his independence his entire life. His most recent struggle came when his controlling ex-boyfriend abandoned him on the side of the expressway after an argument. Luckily, Howard had his phone on him and was able to call his friends to come pick him up. And thanks to the good Samaritan, Gordy, who stopped to make sure he was okay, he didn’t have to wait alone.

When Gordy shows up at a party that Howard is attending, a spark ignites as the two acknowledge the strong attraction between them. But where Howard is afraid to let a new person into his life, afraid of losing his independence to someone new, Gordy is afraid of letting someone too close physically, afraid that a new person would discover his shame and judge him for his past.

Just as the two men, find common ground and slowly start to build on the foundation of their attraction, tragedy strikes. When his sister is killed in a car accident, Howard is left as the only family member to raise his niece Sophia. In fighting for his independence, Howard has learned to do everything for himself. Now fighting doubts of his ability to raise Sophia and fighting his growing feelings for Gordy, Howard must decide if asking for help is the right step before he pushes those he loves away for good.

Love Comes in Darkness is the second book in Andrew Grey’s Senses series.

I liked this book. It’s very sweet. But I didn’t love it. The story is good and heart-wrenchingly sad at times. It’s well written and easy to read in that aspect. But I found Howard to be a little too whiny for my tastes. For the most part, Howard is a really good character. He’s accepted his life and wants nothing more than his independence. But when he first faces raising his only remaining family member, it almost seems like he’s looking for a reason to let someone else raise her because he’s blind. For someone who has fought so hard for independence and acceptance, it feels like he is basically whining because his loved ones think he’s capable of raising Sophia, when he’s afraid to take that step.

I love Gordy. And really, the character names in this book kill me. Gordy fights to overcome the trauma of his past and the reasons behind it. But he’s a strong man, a protector. He’s helpful without being overbearing and controlling. He is the biggest highlight of this book. He has a heart of gold and the patience of a saint. He’s the perfect balance for Howard and eventually he makes Howard a stronger, more confident character. I really, really like Gordy.

I love the telling of this story through the “eyes” of a blind man. I love this author’s ability to place readers in Howard’s shoes and help us understand a fraction of what his world is like. It’s endearing and humbling at the same time. I’m not sure that I’ve ever thought of world-building in this aspect, but this author pulls the world of the blind off flawlessly.

I do have a quibble with the ex-boyfriend, Cedric. Cedric is not my favorite character, so the complete one-eighty at the end of the story feels awkward. I can’t figure out why he even cares. It was kind of, one second his pissed that Howard dumped him and is certain that Howard needs someone to do everything for him, and the next second he’s sorry and he’s a changed man. It didn’t feel like a true, heartfelt change in character.

Overall, I liked the story, but there were a few issues I couldn’t overlook. I am, admittedly, a fan of Andrew Grey and will remain so. Whereas this book wasn’t my favorite of his, it was still a good, heartfelt, tear-jerker of a book. I definitely recommend Love Comes in Darkness by Andrew Grey.

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