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Length: Novella

Whether he was running from his past, or running from the man he found himself falling for, Tommy Jankowski, former member of Los Pescadores, left Brooklyn without even a goodbye pointed in Mateo’s direction. Now, six months after he arrived in the small town of Chico, California, Tommy finds himself in a situation that he can either run from again, or instead man up and ask for help.

A dishwasher in a small diner, Tommy has done his best to remain invisible. But the attentions from an older, wealthy, and prominent man threaten the safety that Tommy has created for himself. When the man can’t take no for an answer and turns violent with Tommy ending up in a hospital, Tommy has no choice but to turn to his former boss for protection. He can only hope that Pablo won’t tell Mateo.

Mateo Oliveros has never been one for commitment with a man or woman. The only person to make him want forever with one person was Tommy, and Tommy ran away without even a backward glance. Even with his family nagging at him to settled down, six months later, Teo is back to his old ways – a different one-nighter, never staying long enough to form any type of connection. When he finds out his former boss wants to send him to protect the one man he doesn’t want to see again, Teo is torn between duty and protecting his own heart.

Teo arrives in Chico only to discover that things are worse for Tommy than he or Pablo knew. Terrorized by a prominent citizen of the community with the police in his pocket, Tommy is forced to lean on the few friends he has for any sort of solace. Accepting Teo’s help doesn’t come easy at first, but when the threats increase, Tommy’s only choice is to look to Teo for help. Fears and jealousies run high as Tommy and Teo fight not only against the threat on Tommy’s life, but against their feelings for one another.

As you well know, I am a huge fan of Avril Ashton’s Brooklyn Sinners series. I adore the bad boy/good boy mix. It’s sweet, dirty, and sexy all at the same time. So you shouldn’t be surprised that I loved Sinner’s Fall, the fourth book in this series, as well. This book is shorter than the previous three, with far less drama, less angst, and a sweeter feel to it. But it’s exactly what this series and these characters needed.

So, if you’ve been reading this series, you’ve already met both Tommy and Mateo. Teo was introduced in the second book in this series, Sinner, Savior. It’s easy to fall for both men, even back in the second book where we get only a peek at their characters and their lives. Tommy is somewhat of a computer nerd, sweet and innocent, in a way. Tommy has lived a hard life and is tortured by his past. He’s stronger than any one character in this series. I love him for what he’s made of his life considering the horrors of his past. Then there is Teo – the man whore and protector. I adore his sense of duty. I love his ability to look past his fear and do the honorable thing. But most of all I love that this big, strong gangster of a man has his vulnerabilities and they all center on Tommy. These two are perfect together, the sweet and the spice. They balance one another wonderfully.

As I mentioned earlier, this story focuses a little less on the crime/gang drama and more on the relationship aspect of this series. There is still a crime drama, yes. But the violence, mystery, and heart-pounding pacing aren’t part of this story. I like it. I like that it’s softer than the other stories, not fluffy by any means, yet it remains super sexy. Once you meet Tommy and Teo, you’ll understand that they need a softer story. Softer, yes. Easy, no. It’s quite the page turner from beginning to end. As always, Ashton leave readers wanting more by way of additional characters and the beginning of new storylines. I am dying to know what the phone call was. And the FBI agent story has me salivating. I can already see drama and angst filling that particular installment.

I only have a couple quibbles with this story. One, is with the history, or lack thereof, relayed in this story, namely Tommy’s past and the events that led to his need to run, as well as Teo’s reaction to Tommy’s past. It’s been a few months since I’ve read Sinner, Savior so I sort of remembered what happened, but I needed a refresher. I had to stop reading to find the events in book two and then continue reading this story. It would have been easier if that information, or at least a portion of it, would have been relayed in this book as well.

My second quibble, and it’s a tiny issue, lies with Tommy’s friends, Janine and Jay. It’s hinted at that one or both of the siblings have a thing for Tommy, but that’s where it ends. Yes, they show their concern for Tommy, but that’s it. With the subject broached, I’d hoped for maybe a confrontation, more of a fight between Mateo and the siblings, but that sort of just died out and wasn’t mentioned again. Again, just a little issue, but it was noticeable.

So, yes, I absolutely adore this story. In just a few words, I would describe it as short and sweet. I adore both Tommy and Teo. I love the updates of previous characters that Ashton throws in there. I especially like that the former characters maintain a role in each additional story in some way. I can’t wait to see what this author comes up with next. I definitely recommend Sinner’s Fall by Avril Ashton.

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