Joyful approach badgeToday I am really excited to welcome Kris Jacen from MLR Press to the blog. Kris is here for an extended edition of our Joyful Approach GRL Countdown to talk to us more about GRL from an editor perspective.  She also brought a fabulous giveaway of any book by an MLR author attending GRL so be sure to check that out below.  Welcome Kris!

GRL – a non-author perspective

It’s strange to go to an event as an editor (or even as a publisher, I’m sure) when its purpose is for readers to connect with authors and vice versa. Editors and publishers are there to support their authors and yet, sometimes we can be the focus. We’re on the sidelines somewhat but every so often the spotlight is on us.

This year will be my third at GRL, and yes, I can say I’ve been squealed at (OMG, you’re JL’s Kris) and I’ve had authors afraid to talk to me (I’m really approachable, at least I think so). Unlike in previous years, I’m actually going to have some time that’s NOT spoken for. Yup, you heard it here first – Kris has some time unaccounted for during GRL Atlanta. I’ve enjoyed the previous two years, running from here to there to there, but I am looking forward to being able to just sit and talk.

Joining me this year for MLR are (in no particular order): Shae Connor, Marshall Thornton, Jambrea Jones, Stephani Hecht, Lynley Wayne, Lloyd Meeker, Rider Jacobs, Jade Buchanan, Sara York, Kendall McKenna, Ally Blue, Angel Rothamel, T.A. Chase, Shannon West, Cherie Noel, Michael Rupured, Silvia Violet, Kaje Harp, AKM Miles, ZA Maxfield, Embry Carlysle, LE Franks, AC Katt, Rick Reed, Jet Mykles, Erika Pike, Kiernan Kelly, Z. Allora, Simone Anderson, JP Bowie, Ethan Day, Geoff Knight, Poppy Dennison, K-lee Klein and DH Starr. I think I’ve listed everyone.

Some memories from previous years:


  • Sitting on the balcony at Café Lafitte in Exile talking with Rick Reed, Doug Starr, William Cooper, Clare London’s son and Lori Bell’s son. Those quiet moments talking with Doug and Rick will forever be close to my heart.
  • Singing the Jeopardy! theme to Geoff Knight as he took his sweet time coming to the microphone to do his reading and him having NO CLUE what I was singing.
  • Running to catch the riverboat for the signing with several others trying to keep up with me (yeah, for someone as short as I am, I can move when I need to)
  • Spending time the final night having drinks with two unbelievable gentlemen – JP Bowie and William Neale

GRL Albuquerque:

  • Placing tattoos on several MLR authors in strange places (yes, I have gotten to touch Rick Reed and Doug Starr below the waist and the cleavage of ZA Maxfield)
  • Saying goodbye to two wonderful men, William Neale and Patrick Michael, at the Day of the Dead party (and crying in front of everyone)
  • Screaming first edits for Strength of the Pack at Kendall McKenna during karaoke and them making complete sense to her
  • Finding out that I’m to blame for a whole lot of MLR authors BEING MLR authors at the publisher’s spotlight (something about challenging authors over at ZAM’s yahoo group)

Some important friendships for me have started at GRLs (you all know who you are and how much you mean to me). I’m looking forward to making more memories this year in Atlanta. So if you see me, please, please, please come up and say hi. I promise I won’t bite but I won’t promise to not hug.


Kris is offering up a reader’s choice of any book from one of the MLR authors attending GRL this year. You can see a full list of authors attending in the post above.  Just leave a comment for your chance to enter.  The contest ends on October 14th at 11:59 pm EST.

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