tales of leather torquerHello everyone! Today I am pleased to welcome author T. Strange to Joyfully Jay.  T. is here to talk to us more about her book Boots and Leather and writing BDSM. She has also brought a copy of the book to give away. So please join me in giving T a big welcome!

Hi there, and thanks for having me!

Today I’m here to talk about Boots and Leather, my second Tales of Leather Sip from Torquere Press, and a little bit about my own BDSM experiences.

Boots and Leather was born from a vague idea that I wanted to write a BDSM story with motorcycles. It drifted around in my head for a few months, waiting for some sort of plot to form around it. Sort of like a pearl, I guess—I got this irritating little grit of an idea, and then I waited, and the plot slowly formed around it, making it smooth and useable.

The story is written from the point of view of Gavin, a shy, kind of awkward young bank teller who has a fantasy of finding a hot leather daddy to scoop him up on a motorcycle and fulfil his BDSM desires.

He finds Terry at a motorcycle show, and they hook up. Sexy BDSM goodness ensues.

Gavin was a very fun character to write, and I enjoyed his perspective. He has a dry, self-deprecating sense of humour that had me snickering to myself even as I wrote. He’s had lots of boyfriends, but none of them have been able to fulfil his needs completely, to experiment with spanking, biting, or any other kinky business that Gavin is so eager to try. He’s extremely eager to just jump right in with Terry, but luckily for him, Terry has a little more experience. He slows Gavin down and gets him to think about what he wants, and explain using words, which isn’t always the easiest to do with fantasies and a feeling that you want…something!

Although he’s only seen from Gavin’s perspective, I loved writing Terry. Terry is older than Gavin, he’s had actual BDSM experiences, not just fantasies and the odd love-bite here and there. He’s able to bring that knowledge and experience to his relationship with Gavin, reminding Gavin to slow down, to think things through, to understand and explain what he wants.

It was very important to me that the BDSM in my story be as realistic and safe as possible. If Gavin had been in charge, he would have just thrown himself down at Terry’s feet and said, “Whip me, master!” (Well, probably not. He’s pretty shy). Terry provided the caution the story needed for me to be happy with it. I take BDSM safety very seriously in real life, so I definitely wanted to include that in my writing. Fantasies are fun (my other Tales of Leather Sip, Belladonna, has more of a fantastical bent), but I also want my portrayal of BDSM to be firmly rooted in reality, with safewords, consent, and negotiation. Accidents can (and do) happen when people try to apply fantasy to reality.

Terry and Gavin’s first introduction, Boots and Leather, is short and hot, with lots of sex and BDSM action, and I’m hoping to explore their world more in the future.

A little side note: there are two generally accepted acronyms when it comes to BDSM safety: SSC (Safe, Sane, Consensual) and RACK (Risk Aware Consensual Kink). Personally, I subscribe to the second one. SSC has two problems for me: what is ‘safe’, and what is ‘sane’? Everyone knows what those words mean, of course, and someone who can’t handle those concepts probably isn’t someone you want to be playing with, anyway. But—my definition of safe, in the context of sexual activity, is going to be completely different than, say, my mother-in-law’s. Or a cop’s. Same with sane.

I know that many BDSM activities are inherently dangerous, and could easily be regarded as insane by many vanilla people. But I choose to do them anyway, I’m aware of the risk, and I choose to participate.

I had a great time writing this story and I’m thrilled that I can share Gavin and Terry with the world. Thanks for having me today, and happy reading!


T. Strange is the author of two Torquere Press Tales of Leather Sips, Boots and Leather, and Belladonna. These stories are based on T.’s BDSM experiences and fantasies. T. and her wife have been active BDSM enthusiasts for several years. When not writing, T. likes to spend her days gardening, watching movies and being spanked. One of T.’s favourite possessions is a rainbow squid hat named Dr. Squiddington. She can be found on Facebook and Twitter by searching Tq Strange, or you can email her: tq.strange@gmail.com.


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