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Rescued from an abandoned ship as an infant, Zeus Vondorian was raised a Mar’Sani prince although he was born Terran (human). Suffering prejudices of the Noble Houses in his world never caused Zeus to think of himself any other way. Leaving the planet and his family behind to pursue a new career was a difficult decision, but his choice helped protect those he cares about. Now, fourteen cycles later, Zeus is preparing to return home and his beloved brothers are arriving to escort him. He only has to tie up a few loose ends first.

Dargon Kal-Turak docked at the Imperial Space Station Bashker’Qa in hopes of having his ship repaired and moving on as quickly as possible. With a psi-tracker on their trail, he and his crew have no time to waste. While on the space station, Dargon follows the most alluring scent to a reunion he does not understand. Most of all he’s angry that the scent of the one he identifies as his Chosen comes from a Terran, a race he classifies as space junk. Not only that, but the human seems to be no more than an Mar’Sani play toy.

Circumstances draw Zeus and Dargon together, as Zeus is the only master mechanic on the Station and therefore the only person who can repair Dargon’s ship, and soon their situation gets complicated. While Zeus is aboard the ship, Dargon discovers the psi-tracker has docked at the same space station. Forced to take off while Zeus is still aboard, thus kidnapping the man, Dargon is faced with charges of kidnapping a royal prince and a crazed assassin aboard his ship determined to kill Zeus. Unable to fight their connection any longer, Dargon and Zeus must work together while running for their lives to protect not only themselves, but their friends, Zeus’s family, and the fate of the entire universe.

Alpha Trine is a book of surprises. I am a huge fan of Lexi Ander’s storytelling abilities. She has a way of drawing readers in to her stories and captivating us with her imagination. I’m blown away each time I sit down to read one of her books. This book is no different.

Ander sent me on an adventure through the pages of this book. The world that she has built within this story is one of science-fiction and of a play on Greek mythos. I think one of the things I like most about the mythos aspect is that she has transferred the Greek gods of ancient time to Universal beings who rule entire races, maybe more than one race. But I digress, because truly that is only a small part of this world so far. The world itself is one of a multitude of different races – some reptilian, some animalistic, some humanoid, others not human-like in appearance at all, some with psychic powers, others with speed and agility, some who speak, others who are unable to speak verbally. Then there are the plants, the histories of each, the space travel itself, the royal order of the planets/universe. Ander leaves nothing to the imagination, describing everything in detail so that readers are able to picture each new aspect. It’s a great world.

You’ll see that this story is described as a ménage, and yes, it is. But it is not your traditional ménage by any means. It’s hard for me to describe the relationship between Dargon and Alpha, Zeus and Dargon, and Zeus and Alpha. Trust me, this author does an amazing job. Alpha is probably the best place to start here, as he’s the most fascinating being of the threesome. Alpha is Dargon’s symbiote – his confidante and lover. Alpha is part of Dargon, literally attached to him most of the time. He is not humanoid at all. So whereas Alpha is his own entity, he and Dargon need one another. So for Zeus to enter into a relationship with Dargon is also to enter into one with Alpha. And for such a vast world and such complex beings, this relationship between the three of them works. It’s complicated and messy, but it’s also sweet and precious.

The following may be considered a spoiler to some readers. [spoiler]The subject of male pregnancy comes up in this story, but it’s a far cry from any m-preg story I’ve ever read. It is, but it isn’t, and where this bit of information may be on the possible spoiler side of things, that is all I’m willing to share. For those of you that are opposed to m-preg, this may be a story for you. Like I said, it is, but it isn’t.[/spoiler]

This book is the first of Ander’s Valespian Pact series and contains a plot that obviously will continue throughout the series. It’s gripping and now I can’t wait to see what is coming up in the next book. As with every other book I’ve read of Ander’s, this story is complex and intricate. The plot is built in a way to keep readers enthralled and wanting more. There are questions that I had by the end of the book that are keeping me on edge. For those of you that are afraid of continuing plots within a series, I will let you know that this book does not end with a cliffhanger. But it did leave me wanting more. Now.

I absolutely adore everything I’ve read from this author to date. Alpha Trine is no exception. It’s exciting, adventurous, mysterious, and even a little bit sweet. I can’t wait to see what comes next for Zeus, Dargon, and Alpha. It’s bound to be great. I highly recommend Alpha Trine by Lexi Ander.

Note: Alpha Trine was previously a self-published free story this author created by means of a prompt challenge in a GoodReads group. I am beyond excited that it was picked up by Less Than Three Press and can’t wait to see what the following books will bring to the plot and to this world.

Cover: I love this cover by Aisha Akeju. It’s clean and simple. It draws on both the sci-fi aspect, as well as the Waters of Poseidon. It’s beautiful.

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