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Returning after ten years to Hart’s Island and Piper’s Point, the only pace he has ever considered home, is both distressing and a bit of a relief for Cassidy Winters. After the death of Sadie, his grandmother (not that he was ever allowed to call her “grandma”), Cassidy spent four years fighting his selfish father for the right to give Sadie her last wish. It was the least he could do after feeling he failed Sadie. Now back at Piper’s Point, Cassidy is faced with a past he hasn’t had time to dwell on and people he’s afraid will hold the last four years against him.

Upon his arrival to Piper’s Point where he intends to settle Sadie’s affairs and clean up the house he’s inherited, Cassidy runs into a beautiful stranger on the beach, Neil. Finding he is without a relationship at the moment, Cassidy easily falls into bed with Neil. It was one night, maybe a weekend or even a week. Something to keep his mind off of stress while waiting for his best friends, Ollie and Spencer, to arrive to help him deal with his current situation.

As hard as Cassidy tries to fly under the radar, his plans are ruined when he rescues a dog from a vicious pack of feral strays and is forced to travel to the vet’s office to save the scared dog. That leads meeting the obviously gay and maybe interested vet, Ben. Which in turn leads to the rumors of his return and his first love, Nate Sommers, showing up on his door step.

Cassidy’s feelings for Nate have never quite left him and the man showing up on his doorstep only brings those feelings to the forefront for both men. But when Cassidy’s ex and his most recent fling, Neil, shows up declaring feelings for Cassidy, a fist fight breaks out. Then he learns of Cassidy and Ben’s history. And while planning the island’s biggest party, Cassidy has to weave his way through the drama to find what is truly important to him.

Are you in the mood for a light-hearted romantic comedy that will have you laughing till you cry and then have you sighing in happiness? Yes? Well, then you must read Piper’s Point by Ethan Day. I am a huge fan of Day’s work. Relatively angst free and hilarious, his books are a joy to read. Piper’s Point is actually a re-pub, this time through Wilde City Press. And if you haven’t had the pleasure of this book in the past, you should definitely take advantage and read it now.

Cassidy is a great character. He’s a man who loves his grandmother, the only family he’s ever felt loved him. He’s a bit of a man-whore and a commitment-phobe. He’s got the biggest heart and the best intentions, but they both seem to turn on him eventually. His different relationships, the many men in his life, his fear of commitment, all make him who he is – a man who protects himself against pain, a man with emotional walls built. And then there’s Nate, the one man who can see through Cassidy’s façade and know the real man. The one man who can break down Cassidy’s walls. I love them together. They are night and day. Summer and winter as it may be. And yes, I caught the clever play on surnames. A play that speaks to the fact that Cassidy and Nate are opposites, yet so perfect for one another.

So, I’ve told you of Cassidy and Nate, but they are not the only characters in this story that are lovable. Teddy, the innocent ex-boyfriend, is precious with an almost vulnerable air about him. Then there’s Ben, the boy next door type. He’s a the quintessential good guy. And Neil, the persistent and almost overbearing new guy, but again, he’s really a good guy. My favorites are Ollie and Spencer. Hilarious and feisty, Ollie has a huge heart and loves wholeheartedly. And Spencer is his perfect match, Ollie’s calming influence…whenever possible. I truly hope that someday Day will write Ollie and Spencer’s story.

The writing is captivating and wonderful. This story is so easy to read and be engrossed in. The relationships in this book are sweet and fun, but still have an edge of realness. I love the conflict, or many conflicts, as it may be. And then there is a story of loss and the reformation that that loss brings that makes this story more than just a fun comedy, but also makes it a real and precious story of growth and change. The confusion, the past, the future, the sadness, heartbreak, and good fortune, all play into the plot and make for a tremendous story that I have fallen head over heels for.

Yes, I loved Piper’s Point. The story is so funny and so sweet. And the characters, all of them, are perfect. As always, I look forward to any and all works by Ethan Day and cannot wait to see what he has up next. I highly recommend Piper’s Point by Ethan Day.

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