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Length: Novella

At forty-four, Thomas Elkin, world-renowned architect, is searching for…something. Before he turned forty, Thomas came out to his family, resulting in a divorce and a strained relationship with his son. But that relationship has since healed, and Thomas and his son, Ryan, have somewhat regular contact, such as their most recent dinner when Ryan brought along his friend, Cooper.

Cooper Jones is a twenty-two-year old with stars in his eyes. An aspiring architect, Cooper is back in New York City for an internship at Brackett and Golding, one of the top architect firms in the world. And when it’s time to choose his intern, Thomas doesn’t even hesitate to choose Cooper. Cooper is confusing and infuriating and beautiful. He’s bright and intelligent and everything that Thomas could want. Except he’s twenty-two and his son’s friend.

When long hours and late nights working fuel the attraction between Thomas and Cooper, Thomas is forced choose between what he knows he should do and what his heart tells him to do. Thomas spends his days teaching Cooper the tricks of the trade, and Cooper spends his nights showing Thomas to really live. And they teach one another about relationships and compromise. But a relationship kept in the dark is not what Thomas wants, so Thomas and Cooper must find a way to keep the relationship they have fought for and the family and jobs they love.

N.R. Walker is one of my must-read authors, so it was a no brainer. When I was given the opportunity to read this book, I jumped right on it. And I am so happy I did. I loved this book. Who doesn’t love a good May/December romance? I, for one, love them. And I love this one. Elements of Retrofit is a story of forbidden love, of learning to live, of finding one’s self. It’s sweet and emotional and passionate. It’s everything I was hoping for and more.

Walker truly brings Thomas and Cooper to life in this book. Thomas is conflicted when it comes to his attraction to Cooper. Cooper is young and hopeful. Untouched by the bad things of the world, he is the light to Thomas’s shadow. They are a great match, a perfect match. And their chemistry? They are so hot together. Like fan-yourself hot.

The writing is wonderful and perfectly paced. I was glued to the pages from beginning to end and only wanted more by the end. This story is more of a happy-for-now story with an open ending for the next in the series – open for growth in the characters as well as their relationship.

I really liked this book and I cannot wait for more in this series. The story is engrossing and sexy, and the characters are beautifully written and likable. I highly recommend Elements of Retrofit by N.R. Walker.

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