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Length: Novella

As much as Dr. Mason Beaulieu wants to believe, he’s a skeptic. Growing up with a grandfather telling him ghost stories, Mason has always wanted to see a ghost, experience being in the same room as an echo of a spirit, but all he’s achieved is disproving the existence of the supernatural entities. As a key member and engineer of NOPI (New Orleans Paranormal Investigations), Mason focuses on the science of paranormal investigation, on what he can prove or most likely disprove.

Dr. Haywood Fortenberry, “Fort” for short, is a believer. A parapsychologist, Fort has never had an actual encounter with a spirit, but has seen enough and encountered enough truth in the Louisiana Paranormal Society (LaPS) to be a true believer. He loves what he does, but he doesn’t always love the company he encounters, namely Dr. Mason Beaulieu. Mason always picks at him, seemingly making fun of him, and as attracted to the infuriating man as he is, Fort is just about fed up.

When a local station sets up a ghost hunt in the infamous and reportedly very haunted Wisteria Grove, both Mason and Fort jump at the opportunity, even if it means spending a full night with one another. Spending an extended amount of time together, Fort and Mason finally open up to one another, leaving the door open for a possible date outside the haunted mansion. But when they discover they are not alone in the house, seemingly destroying their investigation, Mason and Fort learn more about the ghosts of Wisteria Grove and their mischievous games.

With the coming of October, the anticipation of Halloween (one of my very favorite holidays) is in the air. And with Halloween comes ghost stories. And what a ghost story this is! Ari McKay brings a ghost story that is not scary. It’s not a thriller. It’s not creepy. It’s unassuming and surprisingly sweet. But here’s the thing. This story is not just about the hunt. It’s about the romance. The enemies to lovers. And that’s what makes this read so sweet.

I love this story. Completely entertaining, McKay creates a supernatural world of ghosts and the ghost hunters. The history and personalities of the spirits are as interesting as any of the characters in this book. And I love the surprise in this tale. I won’t tell you what it is, because I don’t want to ruin it for you. But it’s good. I won’t say that it’s not easy to figure out, because it is a little, but it fits well with the feel of the plot.

I adore both Mason and Fort – and I love the name Fort, by the way. Mason is the scientist, the skeptic who wants so much to believe in something he knows can’t be true. But he still persists, he still searches for what his inner child wants to know. And even though he’s a skeptic, he’s open to what he doesn’t believe in. Then there’s Fort, the ever open-minded man, he has enough belief for both of them. I like that they are opposites and enemies. Whereas, once they finally talk to one another, the relationship comes together rather quickly, they still have to walk through obstacles and irritations to come together. So not too terribly easy. Still they are a good match.

Overall, Ghost of a Chance is a perfect and sweet ghost story for this Halloween season. The story is well thought and penned. And the characters are absolutely adorable. I highly recommend Ari McKay’s Ghost of a Chance.


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