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Length: Novella

Brad Feller and Sebastian DeWitt have been together about nine months and are living in their shared apartment.  Both are busy with school, and Sebastian especially is preoccupied with work for his thesis and overwhelmed with research.  And lately Brad has been feeling a little neglected and uncertain of Sebastian’s feelings without the other man’s regular care and attention. When Brad’s friend (and former brief hookup) Collin ends up coming by unexpectedly, Sebastian’s freak out makes it clear to the guys that they need some work on their relationship.

Sebastian’s first instinct is anger and jealousy that Collin is in the apartment, even though when the incident between Brad and Collin happened months before, Sebastian was totally fine about it.  He wants Brad to be there for him all the time, but doesn’t realize that Brad needs him in return. And lately Sebastian has been so busy he hasn’t been giving Brad the love and affirmation that he needs to feel happy and comfortable.  As the men talk and finally share their feelings, they realize that their love is still strong, but they must take better care of each other. And the way to do that may be by taking a step forward in their relationship to make it even stronger.

So Good Boy reunites us with Brad and Sebastian from Tenino’s fabulous Frat Boy & Toppy and the Theta Alpha Gamma series. FB&T is one of my favorite humorous contemporaries and I fell completely in love with these guys in their first book. Brad is a big strong jock, but was also an inexperienced virgin.  And smaller Sebastian definitely leads the way into hot and kinky sex between them, but is also very loving and nuturing.  So they are a sweet and very sexy couple.  This story picks up on a thread from the previous book in the series, Sweet Young Thang, where Collin is temporarily displaced after the fraternity house burns down and witnesses a fight between Brad and Sebastian. So here we get that side plot expanded into a whole story as we learn what is really going on with the guys and how they are going to fix it.

While I was thrilled to see Brad and Sebastian again, this one had a bit of a rocky start for me.  I think after seeing the notorious blow job incident first hand in FB&T, and then the argument between Brad and Sebastian in SWT, neither incident seemed like a major thing at at the time.  So then when here we suddenly have a big relationship crisis, it felt a little out of nowhere.  Also, Sebastian is being kind of a dick.  And yes, he gets over it and understands what he did wrong and totally makes it up to Brad and then some.  So there is a majorly sweet happy ending for these guys, but it takes dealing with being totally annoyed with Sebastian before you get there.

Now once we move out of conflict and into resolution, things fell right into place with this story.  We see the guys really talk about their feelings and what has been bothering them deep down that neither would really admit or discuss.  And we see Sebastian once again take the lead in caring for Brad and showing him how important he is to Sebastian.  And we get some super hot sexy times that reminded me how much I adore these guys together. And as I said, a really amazing ending.

So even with my small issues at the start, I definitely recommend this one for fans of FB&T.  There is no way I would have missed reuniting with Brad and Sebastian and the pay off is definitely worth it. I think if you haven’t read at least that first book, you really will need to for this to have as much of an impact, and reading Sweet Young Thang as well will be even better but not necessary.  But that is no hardship guys, those are both amazing books that I totally recommend.  So sweet, sexy, romantic, and just a little bit kinky.  Definitely pick this one up.

Cover Review: Well hello Brad!  Whew, these covers just keep getting better and better.  Not just gorgeous, but once again totally on point with a key element of the story. Great job.

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