mr. averageRating: 4 stars
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Length: Short Story

Successful senior law partner Lucas Manetti is a playboy in every sense of the word. He doesn’t want relationships. He doesn’t want attachments. He simply wants a willing man for one night and then to go home to his bed…alone. All of that changes when Lucas finds that he can’t seem to get his mechanic, Kyle, out of his mind. But in Lucas’s world appearance is everything and being seen with a man below his social standing is not acceptable. But still Lucas wants Kyle, and he intends to have him. Planning a life for Kyle before he even asked if Kyle was interested in a no strings attached relationship with benefits may not have been the brightest idea. But what average man would turn that down?

When his offer blows up in his face, Lucas ends up at the bar he frequents with the seemingly nosy bartender who, this time, goes out of his way to take care of the down on his luck Lucas. As much as Lucas swears that he doesn’t want any attachments, it may not be the entire truth. It feels nice when John takes care of him. So Lucas asks John out and their burning attraction leads into a relationship that Lucas has a hard time melding into his life. He is afraid that people will see him with a bartender, but when his selfishness and pettiness become glaringly obvious even to himself, Lucas decides to walk away so that John can find someone more deserving. But will John make it easy for Lucas to walk away?

Mr. Average is a story that is part of MLR Press’s Average Joe Collection. It is a sweet story of a man who thinks himself better than most people, only to have his perception shifted an average Joe. The story follows life of a self-centered man in his journey to find a permanent booty-call.

I have to say the best part of this book is the progression of Lucas. I’ll be honest, when I began the book I was certain I would not like him at all. But his growth in this book is great. From selfish to vulnerable. I adored Lucas by the end of the story. And that transition came from the big heart of John. John, the bartender, is the character that makes this story so good. He’s strong and patient. And he doesn’t take Lucas’s crap. His perseverance is what saves Lucas from himself.

The story is short and sweet. I enjoyed the first storyline with Lucas and Kyle, only because it’s one that you can just see the train wreck waiting to happen. And I was looking forward to seeing Lucas get what was coming to him. But the second half, Lucas and John – that’s where the story takes hold. The growth and hope for a future is what had me hanging on until the end of the story.

Overall, Mr. Average is a cute, fun story. Lucas is a character you love to hate and then love to love. Each of the characters add something to this book. I recommend Mr. Average by Parker Williams.

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