return to destinyRating: 4 stars
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Length: Novella

In 2012, Wade Summers is pretty sure he’s going crazy. His phantom lover – the entity that takes hold of Wade in sinfully naughty and utterly satisfying ways – takes what he wants any time day or night. There’s no running from the ghost lover and certainly no hiding. He’s everywhere, driving down the road, in Wade’s bedroom…everywhere. And although his needs seem to be met sexually, the need to have a lover there with him when he opens his eyes is threatening to drive Wade insane. The last straw comes when Wade is having dinner with his parents and his phantom lover makes an appearance in the middle of a conversation with his mom and dad. His next step comes in the form of a sort of exorcist. Maybe Wade will get some peace finally.

In the year 2022, Michael Turner is living an unhappy and unfulfilled life. Living in a shoebox of an apartment and without a job, the highlight of Michael’s days is the mystery man of his dreams. The beautiful face he can’t get out of his head.  And the bouts of déjà vu are threatening to drive him crazy. So Michael goes to the only place he can think of to find answers about his mystery dream man. But the answers he gets are not what he expected – a missed opportunity, cowardice, and time travel. And now Michael has to find a way to correct a mistake in order to live the life that both he and the man of his dreams were meant to lead.

Return to Destiny by Vona Logan is seriously adorable. First, the idea of one man and his phantom lover, and the man who sleeps and finds his mystery lover waiting, is a great concept and well executed in this story. This is one of those cute stories that had me grinning the entire way through the tale.

Wade and Michael are leading two separate lives in two different times, yet they are connected by an event that changed both of their lives. Their lives are intertwined by fate, both convinced they are going insane and neither knows why. They are both wonderfully conflicted characters. Wade, confused and at his wit’s end. Michael, intrigued and determined to find a solution. They are both very sweet, very likable characters.

This world of time travel is well thought out, complete with an old Chinese man who has all of the answers. The method of travel is distinct and imaginative, definitely not something I would have thought of, but the idea and lesson to be learned that goes with it – that what you want is worth a little, or a lot, of pain as the case may be – fits well in the reasoning. I enjoyed this world.

And I can’t go without mentioning this cover. How cute is this cover? Created by one or more of the masters in the Wilde City creative team, I adore this cute and goofy cover.

So, yes, I really liked this adorably fun read. It’s short and sweet and kept my interest from beginning to end. The characters are great and the world is unique. I definitely recommend Return to Destiny by Vona Logan.

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