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Length: Novella

Okay…this one?  The Paramedic and the Writer?  I loved this one…simply because I fell in love with both these men.  I have been waiting for Jamie’s story for a while now and I must admit this one did not disappoint.  I think that Jamie, the quiet and slightly withdrawn paramedic, is perhaps one of my favorite characters in the Ellery Mountain series.  I so appreciated that author R.J. Scott opted to give Jamie someone to care for—to look after.  By making Ian Grant a wounded “John Doe” who bursts into Jamie’s quiet life, Jamie was forced to reach beyond his own painful loss and try to save another person—risk his own heart—and take the chance that he might lose him in the end.

On an early morning run, Jamie, Max, and Finn find a car that is precariously balanced on the edge of the ravine.  With some quick thinking and incredible skill, Max and Jamie manage to pull the one surviving occupant to safety.  However, when that man comes round, he cannot remember anything about himself or why he was holding a gun… a gun that had discharged a bullet that was lodged in the head of the car’s driver.  As Liam and Jamie race to save the injured Ian (John Doe, to them) and unravel the mystery of who he is and whether or not he is, in fact, a murderer, Jamie is also trying to save his heart from losing its battle—that of falling in love with the man he pulled from the wreckage.

This was the classic story of two wounded men who almost lose the chance to love again because of their overwhelming fear of ending up alone.  Jamie had already lost one partner and simply could not face the idea that if Ian returned to his former life, he may lose him as well.  Ian, on the other hand, is grappling with the fact that it was by his hand that an innocent man had died and while his murderer did not escape, Ian was left to deal with the fact that it was his desire to “break the story” that put the man in danger in the first place.  These two men collide and we are left wondering if they can really make a go of it or if they are destined to remain locked in their fears forever.

The Paramedic and the Writer was by far the best installment so far in the Ellery Mountain series.   Its painstaking slow build, the reluctant lovers, and the careful way in which they watched over each other was just lovely to read!

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