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Kindle Alexander is a new author to me. And I’ll be honest, when I first saw this cover by the very talented Reese Dante, I was immediately attracted to this book. When I read the blurb, I had to read the book. Now I’m so glad that I did. Not only is it completely sweet and totally sexy, it’s engaging and exciting with a little bit of mystery and action added in.

Ten years ago, NFL quarterback Colton Michaels fell in love with a cheerleader who held his heart, but after a whirlwind romance, Colt was forced to choose between keeping Jace and protecting Jace. Protecting Jace would always come first. Now ten years later, Colt finds himself engaged to a manipulative Russian model, still bent on protecting Jace. He has not seen Jace in ten years, but the love he feels for the man has never gone away, and there is nothing he wouldn’t do to keep the man safe.

Jace Montgomery found the love of his life his senior year in college. Star quarterback of the Longhorn’s winning football team, slated to be a first round NFL draft pick, Colton Michaels wanted Jace. Five days together on a romantic Hawaiian getaway, Jace fell in love with Colt, planning their future together only to have his heart broken by Colt’s inexplicable rejection when they returned home. Ten years later, Jace is the owner of the biggest, most successful cheer training center in the country. He’s happy with his career, but his personal life is a mess. The one man he’s ever loved has never been far from his memories, no matter how hard he tries to fool himself. When he hears of Colt’s engagement, Jace finds himself heartbroken all over again. Looking for healing, he takes a vacation, a trip to the place where he had Colt if only for a few days. Maybe then he can find closure and move on.

Spending years in an alcohol-induced haze, Colt is ten months sober and finally thinking for himself. Tired of letting his father and now his so-called fiancé run his life, Colt leaves for Hawaii on his wedding day, before the wedding. Due to years of following Jace’s career from a distance, Colt knows exactly where to find the love of his life. His plans are to go to Hawaii to explain the past ten years and beg for forgiveness even if Jace turns him away. Forgiveness comes easy, but trust takes longer, and just when both men are finding their way together again, making plans for their future, danger comes and threatens to tear them apart forever.

I love this book. I just finished it, and even thinking back on it gives me all kinds of feels. It’s precious. The relationship between Colt and Jace is almost pre-destined. They are obviously meant to be together. Jace is amazingly strong and forgiving. He has such a big heart. I just love that about him. The there’s Colt, who took longer to gain his strength, but once he found, he was unstoppable. I don’t find him weak or cowardly in the beginning. I think he was a man of circumstance. He did what he did to protect the man he loved. And maybe it was a little skewed, but it’s all he knew to do. He is a very admirable man. Truly I love them both.

And not only do I adore the main characters, but Alexander does a fabulous job with her secondary characters as well. I’m in love with the hard-nosed, mostly business, extremely focused Mitch Knox. He was introduced as part of the mystery plot, and I am crossing my fingers that we get to read his story soon. Then Dr. Knox, Mitch’s father and Colt’s team doctor, is the father that Colt never had. He’s caring and understanding. I just adore his warmth. Alexander also does a great job with characters you love to hate. First, Larry Michaels, Colt’s bigoted, hateful father, I disliked him until the very end. Mariyah, Colt’s ex-fiancé, is a horrible, gold-digging tramp. And finally Johnny, the agent, who is only out for whatever makes him money. I love that an author can make me fall head over heels in love with her characters while giving me characters I can despise and still tie the story and all the storylines up in a nice neat bow.

The mystery of this story surprised me, in a good way. I wasn’t really expecting it, yet it added a whole other level to this book and gave way for another addition to this series (which I’m hoping is Mitch’s story). But it’s the love story that is the true highlight of this book – the couple torn apart by circumstances beyond their control only to find each other once again. It’s full of angst and joy and happy endings.

The only thing that gives me pause, and really the only thing that keeps this from being a five-star review, is that the mystery of the book is left unsolved. And the only reason I didn’t give it a lower 4-star review is because I’m positive that the unsolved mystery is a set up for the upcoming installment to this series. So, really I’m a little torn as to really liking that the mystery wasn’t solved and really disliking the same fact.

All in all, I loved this book, from the characters, to the romance, to the mystery, to the gorgeous cover. I was hooked from the steamy opening scene to the very last word. Regardless of the unsolved mystery, the ending to this book could not have been more perfect for Colt and Jace. Like I said, this is the first book I’ve read of Kindle Alexander’s and it most certainly will not be the last. I highly recommend Double Full by Kindle Alexander and I cannot wait for the next book.

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