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Sex, lies, guilt, and videotape…okay, there’s not really videotape, but the rest is only a small portion of the awesomeness that is this book. If you remember, I reviewed the first edition of Point of No Return about a year ago. (The most recent edition was released by Totally Bound in August of 2013.) I loved it then. I love it now. And I have been waiting oh-so long for a continuation of Matt and Kira’s story. And with Breaking Point, N.R. Walker has out done herself. It’s more than I ever hoped for.

A year after the love of his life was kidnapped and beaten by a madman, Detective Matthew Elliott is retiring from the police force, from the Fab Four, and moving on with his life. Starting over as a MMA fighter. Or at least that’s the story. Already conflicted, Matt walks into the fight club to be trained by one of the top trainers in the business, and to keep an eye on the owner of the establishment/drug trafficker.

Undercover work would have never been his first choice, but Matt was the best man for the job. And if he’s being honest, he’s felt a little lost for the past year. Watching Kira being tortured by Tomic was the lowest point of Matt’s life and he’s been trying to climb his way back to normalcy ever since. But this job is proving to be more difficult than he first thought. In order to do the job and to keep Kira out of harm’s way, Matt has had to lie to Kira about his change of career. But the guilt is eating him alive.

The longer Matt is playing the part of famous-detective-turned-angry-MMA-fighter, the more attached he gets to the guys he trains with, the more lies and guilt threaten to tear him down. And when Matt finally gets an in to the underground fights that are used as a front for the drug trafficking, he can sort of see the light at the end of the tunnel and the end to the lies. But when the lies and secrets become too much, Matt’s life comes crashing down around him and not only is he in danger, but the lies threaten to take Kira away from him.

Breaking Point is the second book in N.R. Walker’s Turning Point series.

Matt and Kira are back! And oh my gawd! I am more in love with them than I was a year ago…if that’s even possible. Last year, I fell in love with Matt’s strength and vulnerability. And he’s still that strong man and his vulnerability is more prominent in this book. He’s punishing himself for what Kira went through in the previous book. He’s trying to find himself again while keeping Kira safe, but lying to him. And, man, I never thought I could love Kira any more. Kira is a rock. His inner strength is what keeps Matt grounded, even when Matt doesn’t know he’s flailing. He’s beautiful inside and out, and even more so by the end of this book.

I love Walker’s ability to delve into the psyche of her characters. Matt is riddled with guilt. The events that led to his decision to go undercover. His reasoning of why he deserves pain. The beauty of his huge, generous, loving heart. Matt is such a conflicted, scared, confused character. The trek through his guilt is the wonder of this story.

This plot is amazing. It’s heartbreaking and stressful and amazing. The rollercoaster of emotions that I experienced with this book is something I can’t regret. Actually, I want more. The fear, the tears, the anger, the heartwarming moments, and the love make Matt and Kira’s story so perfect.

I can’t finish without telling you about Yumi and Sal. Yumi and Sal are Kira’s mom and dad. This story that is already fantastic is made more so by the spitfire that is Yumi and the quiet strength that is Sal. The love and fierceness they bring to this story is something that I adore so much about this book.

I love Breaking Point. It should be no surprise to you. If I could give this book more than five stars, I would. I absolutely adore Matt and Kira. This story is more than I ever wished for, and now I’m crossing my fingers again in hopes that this will not be the last I see of Matt and Kira. I highly, highly recommend Breaking Point by N.R. Walker.

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