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Length: Novella

Finally landing a job as a roadie for the band that boasts his life long crush, Brad Reese knows to keep his head down and not let on that he is attracted to lead singer, Xander Lynch.  The man Brad works for is the on again/off again lover that drives Xander to the brink of anger and exhaustion every time they argue.  Along with that is the breakneck pace set by the touring company that is continually adding dates and interviews and leaching away the down time Xander so desperately craves.  All Xander wants is an hour or so of silence every once in a while is to just disappear and relax.  Brad steps in and boldly provides just that, some down time for both of them.

During yet another volatile breakup with his band partner Rick, Xander takes a risk and allows himself to consider spending time with someone new and Brad fits that bill to a tee.  But Rick is very vocal about the fact that Xander and he must stay together, often threatening to quit the band which would leave them at risk and unable to finish their tour.  So Brad backs off and much to Xander’s dismay steps away from the budding romance the two men want to embrace.  Now time will tell if Brad’s sacrifice was necessary and if Xander can survive without the silence and love he so deeply desires.

I really liked both of these characters.  While not compromising the idea that these guys were on the road and also aware that once the tour ended they may have little in common, author Witt allows a sweet relationship to develop between Xander and Brad.  I felt the idea that Brad was willing to sacrifice their affair for the sake of Xander’s career and the success of the band realistic and understandable.  I did feel, however, that idea was hammered down a bit too often as Brad was constantly backing away from Xander and telling him that he did not want to stand in the way of his life’s dream.  After several times of watching this same dance, I felt the idea was just to belabored and got tired fairly quickly.

But, overall this story was so well crafted and really lovely to read.  These were two sweet men who were both held hostage by a tyrannical band mate/boss and forced to choose between exploring their love for each other and saving the band.  I felt for them, their story drew me in and invested me in the final outcome.  Enjoy the Silence by L.A. Witt is a sweet sip of a story and well worth the read.

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