every drop of my loveRating: 4 stars
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Length: Short Story

Every Drop of My Love was a remarkably sensuous and personal story by author Jane Davitt.  I say personal because the first person account of this short little sip betrayed the many twists and tumultuous turns of Stephen’s thoughts.  Stephen is a paid blood donor to the ancient and ailing vampire North.  The story behind North’s wasting away is a simple one.  As a witness to a crime, North was set to give testimony when the mob connections of the murderer snatched him off the street and laid him out in the sun to burn and die.  Although he sustained multiple burns, North survived and now is doing what all law-abiding vampires do, renting a donor to recover fully.

Jane Davitt creates a world in which vampires are tagged and their saliva recorded so that the incidences of rogue vamps biting and draining anyone are prosecuted by law.  Humans who choose to be paid donors are those who are able to resist the glamour affect that vampires use to lull their victims into compliance while they drain them.  So Stephen is able to fully resist North quite easily and maintain his free will.  Guarding his heart, however, is another story altogether.  He is drawn to the vampire, wanting not only to be dominated by him, but also to be more than just a source of nourishment for him.

Stephen hopes that just maybe when the contract between the two of them ends, North will ask him to stay.  And, indeed North does want to strike a new bargain, but not one of love, rather a chase–he will give Stephen what he wants–to be sexually dominated, but not until after he gives North the illusion of a hunt.  It is then that Stephen realizes then that the vampire will never love him.  But could he be wrong?   Could there be more between these two than either can fully understand?

Every Drop of My Love was incredibly erotic and it was not actually due to an overdose of sex scenes, but rather it was the way in which the author wrote Stephen’s inner dialogue and emotions.  The way this character wanted, needed the vampire was so intense.  I found myself involved from the start and rather breathless with both anticipation and a bit of apprehension.  Davitt makes the choice to portray vampires as we have so often seen them in films, lusting for blood, cold and emotionally detached.  And so, just as Stephen felt a growing sense of unease about North, I did as well.  North is dangerous and sexy, able to fulfill Stephen’s every fantasy and provide just enough pain to make any sexual encounter deliciously sweet.

Up until the final epilogue this story had me hook, line, and sinker.  Then the resolution came and it was extremely abrupt.  I did not mind that it left a question hanging as to their future, but it was so incomplete as a way to tie up the few loose ends the story left dangling.  I felt a bit cheated to be honest, particularly as I was so involved in the plot. Davitt is an excellent writer and 9/10ths of this story was just excellent.  The ending, however, left me wanting and a little disappointed.  Still and all, Every Drop of My Love by Jane Davitt is a good story and one that I think you will enjoy.

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