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L.B. Gregg has, admittedly, been a long time favorite author of mine so I was understandably excited to see a new book come on the market by her.  How I Met Your Father rings with all the elements I so enjoy from this author.  Witty, intelligent dialogue from interesting and well-written characters are a hallmark of an L.B. Gregg story and this one has them in spades.

Meet Rhythm Method, a boy band that had a meteoric rise to fame and the smarts to call it quits before they embarrassed themselves as thirty-somethings still pathetically singing teen ballads.   All four men have unique personalities and have moved on into successful careers.  They are gathered in the Caribbean to celebrate one of the their own getting married and Jason, former lead singer of the band, is late.  Why?  Well that would be because he was “laid up” in the men’s room by the very man who had held his hand to comfort him when the plane they were on hit turbulence that resembled the preamble to a crash—at least that’s how Jason saw it as he is slightly terrified of flying.

Interestingly, someone else is late for the wedding as well…the father of the bride, Jack Basinger.  Seems he too was ”laid up” in the airport bathroom causing he and another passenger to miss their connecting flight.  What a coincidence!  But surely these are two adult men who can dismiss that quickie in the restroom as just that and move on—laugh it off, so to speak.  That would be the right thing to do, if Justin and Jack were not drawn to one another like moths to a flame and determined to test just how far this beginning relationship could go despite the seeming inappropriateness of it and their more than decade long age difference.

What follows is a sweet and remarkably funny story of how each band member realizes what has happened and how they are going to deal with the fact that Justin is finally going to come out of the closet after being in there for years in order to spare the band any controversy.  There were moments when I just laughed out loud at this story. Between the witty dialogue and the obvious love these four guys had for one another, I was swept up into this story immediately.

Yes, it was way too short, particularly when the epilogue picked up a year later and gave us a second wedding that was not really a surprise.  And, yes, there were no deep secrets or intricate plot details shared here, but still the novel was so well written that the story, such as it was, managed to make the two-day time frame it covered seem much longer.  We got flashes of the boys in the past and how much they meant to each other.  We learned how each had moved on happily into careers that suited them and avoided the downward spiral into drugs and alcohol that so many bands seem to fall prey to at some point in their careers.  With just a little over one hundred pages of text, author L.B. Gregg managed to give us in-depth characters that were fun and sexy and interesting.  I must admit I wanted more when I finished the last page.

If you are looking for a light-hearted read that, in my opinion, is impeccably well written then look no further than How I Me Your Father by LB Gregg.  This one is definitely a keeper!

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