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Bryce meets Dustin at, of all places, a meet-up of m/m romance authors.  Bryce works part-time for a m/m publishing company, and also works part-time as a waiter.  He’s 22 years old, gorgeous, and all the women adore him.  Dustin is at the meet-up as a support to his sister, an author, but finds he is not only enjoying himself, but also drawn to the young man who seems to want his attention as well.  He’s a 30-year-old architect who has been in a solid relationship with his work most of his life, maintaining no serious relationships except for a longstanding “friends with benefits” situation.

The men have instant chemistry, finding themselves more suitable for each other than they ever imagined possible.  However, Dustin has had a lot more time to live his life, to make something of himself and now doesn’t mind spending all his spare time fixing up his house and cooking at home.  Bryce goes out clubbing most nights and still has no idea what he wants to do with his life.  He does know, however, that he’s insanely attracted to Dusty and only wants to be with him.

The age-difference is a huge problem, but the two also live in separate states, so spending time together is not easy.  When their one-night stand is over, they are supposed to go their separate ways forever.  But neither one of them can let things go.  Bryce moves heaven and earth to spend a few more days with Dusty, and Dusty loves sharing his life with Bryce when they’re able to manage it.  Dusty teaches Bryce how to cook, and Bryce loves helping Dusty fix up his house.

These two guys are made for each other, and this is my biggest problem with this book.  I loved the two MCs.  They are both men who are emotionally open and ready for love, and they both, in their own ways, are people worthy of adoration.  Bryce may be younger and not sure of his future, but he was the perfect foil to Dusty, who could lead a very stagnant, boring life if there wasn’t someone there to force him out of his comfort zone every once in awhile.

There are definitely these major obstacles in their way — an age difference, geography, being at different places in their lives — but there needed to be more to the conflict than just these differences.  It was easy to see they belonged together, so the fact that Dusty and Bryce kept continually pushing each other away started to become a bit tiresome.

It was cute and sweet and I really do love an age-difference story, especially when one of the characters is like Bryce, a total sweetheart of a young man.  One of the most entertaining aspects of this book is that it takes place within the world of m/m romance authors.  Having just returned from GRL, I could’ve cast the book with real people from my experience there.  The women doting on their adored, gorgeous young man, squealing when their set-up leads to real romance, is both realistic and amusing.

I thought this was a fun read.  It wasn’t the best book I’ve read recently, but I found it especially fun while coming down from my GRL high, since it’s such an unusual yet amazing situation that is a perfect setting for a romance.  I even had some real-life people in my head as I was reading it.  For that reason, I think you could enjoy it to.

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