erotic adventures of the masked raiderRating: 3.5 stars
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Length: Novella

Harpersville has not always been the picture of law-abiding citizens as you know it today. It was once over run with a criminal population that had the citizens of the city afraid to leave their homes. Until the Masked Raider moved into town. The Masked Raider cleaned up the streets, making life safe for everyday people wishing to live a normal life.

But not all the scum has left the city, and now, five years later, the bad guys are ready to reclaim their city in the name of villains everywhere. Mastermind Tumescent Edison and his henchmen, Snake Charmer and Lumberjacker, come up with a plot to clone the Masked Raider in order to create an army of evil Masked Raiders to fight him. But first they need to obtain the Masked Raider’s semen.

And to do that they send the Snake Charmer to seduce the Masked Raider’s sexually frustrated boyfriend, Trevor Grant, into spilling secrets about the superhero while trying driving a wedge between Trevor and the Masked Raider. But is the bond between Trevor and the superhero strong enough to stand up to the machinations of the villainous trio?

Wow…I’m not really sure where to start with this one. Well, first off, if you hadn’t already figured it out by the title, this is not a tale to be taken seriously, by any means. It’s quite entertaining in a cocky superhero way.  It’s short and easy to read and very hot. Complete with steamy bathroom hookups and sweltering orgies, The Erotic Adventures of the Masked Raider definitely lives up to the name.

The plot is silly but hilarious. Everything about the storytelling has a stereotypical superhero, do-gooder feel. And the twist with the semen and the sex and the lack of release was very entertaining and had me snorting and giggling more than once. The plot is ongoing so hopefully I can find closure somewhere down the road. And maybe a steamy hot superhero happy ending.

While reading this story I could hear the deep-voiced, cocky narrator from the many comics and cartoons I watched as a kid. It was plotted very well. From the evil villains – and by the way, the name “Lumberjacker” had me giggling every time I read it – to the stereotypical superhero in spandex. Even the city of Harpersville, portrayed as an evil city turned dream utopia, is great work.

My issue with this story comes with the characterizations of the Masked Raider and Trevor. I don’t feel like readers get to know them as well as we get to know Tumescent Edison, Snake Charmer, and Lumberjacker, and everyone wants to get to know the heroes, right? I’m hoping that in the future we’ll be able to get to know these characters better.

In the end, The Erotic Adventures of the Masked Raider is quite entertaining. If you’re looking for a book with no angst, lots of hot sweaty man-sex, and superhero/villain conflict, you have come to the right place.

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