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In the first book of the Rear Entrance Video series, we were introduced to Christian, who struggled with his desire to be a teacher and also the pull he felt to help run his aunt’s sex shop while she was battling cancer.  In this second book, we learn more about Rob, who is one of Christian’s roommates and, along with the other roommates, has supported Christian by agreeing to help out at the store.  For Rob, it gives him a chance to finally explore a side of himself that he’s kept hidden for a long time.

When Rob is at Rear Entrance, he transforms himself into Bobby, a confident, outgoing, beautiful woman.  He has always felt a draw to dressing like a woman, and has even played the part during his gaming adventures.  In real life, Rob is shy and has zero self-confidence.  Being a woman helps him come out of shell, and he finds he really likes that part of himself, as well as the way he feels and looks in women’s clothing.

Dylan becomes a part of both Rob and Bobby’s life.  He’s a comic book artist who seems to have confidence to spare, and he starts up a friendship with Rob in one of his classes.  He also frequents the Rear Entrance Video store, and so he knows Rob as Bobby, though he hasn’t made the connection between the two. Rob finds himself falling for Dylan, but he’s afraid to show him both sides of himself.  He doesn’t think anyone will be able to accept this strange, perverted side of him, so he keeps it secret from everyone who’s important to him.  The problem is, he also can’t give up being Bobby.

I really enjoy Belleau’s writing, and the relationship that these group of men have, the roommates who support each other while running Rear Entrance Video, have an interesting dynamic.  I was a bit less taken by Rob than of the previous book’s couple, Max and Christian, but I love a man who likes to cross dress, so I enjoyed this aspect of the novel.  I also really loved Dylan, who was a big, beautiful, emotionally open man, and I felt like the two of them were great together — they really deserved each other.

As a warning, this book is quite untraditional.  Rob is struggling with his gender identity throughout the book, so for those who are very strict when it comes to gender roles, I want you to know what you’re getting yourself into.  Rob is not a transsexual, but he explores female sexuality, and while I really enjoyed it (I love men in women’s lingerie, especially), it’s not everyone’s cup of tea.

I understand there needs to be some tension in a book in order to make it interesting, but I didn’t think the author gave Dylan or Rob enough credit when it came to the understandings in their relationship.  Dylan was always open and tolerant, and that was why I loved him.  The main conflict in the book is due to the couple’s inability to be honest with each other, and that bothered me a little bit, because it took away from the great qualities that I enjoyed so much in the two of them.

Overall, though, I enjoyed this book.  I liked that it was original, non-traditional, and took place within this world of Rear Entrance Video that I’ve grown to enjoy.  If you have the same kinks I do, or you’re just looking for something fun and different, this might just be the book for you.

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