Hello everyone! I am so excited to share my favorite covers of 2013 with you guys!  I always have a hard time with this because we have seen so many gorgeous covers by a variety of talented artists this year.  But here are some of my favorites.  They show up a bit blurry in the gallery here, but click on any of them to make them bigger and even more beautiful.  And if you want to see even more of our favorites, check out the Monthly Favorite Covers list.

Favorite Illustrated Covers


Favorite Photographic Covers

Favorite Covers That Represent a Scene or Setting from the Book


Favorite Historical Covers


Favorite Fantasy/Paranormal/Futuristic Covers


Favorite Series Covers

Guards of Folsom Series

All of these are done by Paul Richmond.  Pony isn’t out yet but SJD Peterson was nice enough to send over some advanced cover art.  Aren’t these lovely?  The next two books also follow a similar style.