best 20132013. Another year come and almost gone. And with 2013 came lots of ups and downs in the m/m world – some misunderstandings, some offensive conversations, and some great times. But above all, the one consistency has been the books – good ones, bad ones, and great ones. I’m here to tell you about the great ones that I read.

I love a good book. We all do. That’s why we’re here. But what I love most is sharing those books with you. Letting you guys know what it is about a book that I adore. Sometimes it’s the great characters. Sometimes it’s a plot that is so engrossing I would rather read than sleep. Sometimes it’s a world so big, so imaginative that when I close my eyes, I’m transported to another place. And sometimes, when I’m lucky, it’s all of the above.

In 2013, here at Joyfully Jay we’ve presented you with Jock Week – a week of sports-themed books and the sexy jocks (and sometimes geeks) that are a big part of those books. We’ve given you guys some of our favorite of all times lists – cross-dressers, wolf/vampire couples, and enemies-to-lovers. My favorite, of which, is the cross-dresser list. Jay also started a segment spotlighting the talent behind the art of some of our favorite books, allowing readers to get to know cover artists and why they do what they do. In my list, I made sure to highlight my favorite of those books themes as well.

So, without further ado, may I present you with my favorites list of 2013 (in no particular order, because it was hard enough to pick favorites as it is)?

Authors of All Time

  • Mercy Celeste
  • Megan Derr
  • Cardeno C.
  • S.E. Jakes
  • Mary Calmes

New-to-Me Authors

  • A.M. Arthur
  • Avril Ashton
  • Garrett Leigh






Young Adult


Cross Dressers


Cover Art

I would also like to give a shout out to Jared Rackler for quickly becoming one of my favorite cover artists. This year was the first I’ve seen of his work and I look forward to what this young genius has for readers of the m/m world.

As you can see, it was a wonderful year in reading. And now I’m looking forward to what is coming up in 2014. So, until next time…

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