Hello everyone! Today I am pleased to welcome Lara Brukz to the blog. Lara is here as part of her blog tour for her new release, Reviewing Life.  She has brought a great excerpt, as well as two giveaways!  Please help me give her a big welcome!


I knew Kyle was nervous; his outer tough bravado couldn’t fool me. “You sure about this, Kyle? You can back out. I won’t give you too much shit about it.” I grinned at him and he managed a fake smile.

“Yeah. Yeah, I’m sure.”

“I’ll take care of you,” I whispered in his ear. “I promise you this is going to be an experience you will not forget. Skydiving is almost orgasmic.” He chuckled and nodded.

We were strapped together, and I felt his every nervous twitch. Every little movement of the plane pushed him against me and it wasn’t something I minded. I tightened the straps and cinched his body closer to mine.

“I’m not going to die. I’m not going to die,” Kyle chanted.

He may not have been going to die, but I was. Having his hard body pressed against me was going to kill me. I didn’t have any doubt about what we were about to do. Kyle was more than physically fit enough for the jump and had completed all the necessary tests, but he was a bundle of raw nerves and energy. “Almost there,” I told Kyle as we neared the drop zone. He sucked in several deep breaths.

“Do you trust me?” I asked.


“You heard me. Do you trust me?”

He nodded without hesitation and his trust made me feel incredible. “This is going to be fucking awesome. Just relax and enjoy it. I’m in control, and I won’t let anything happen to you.” He nodded again, and I felt him relax.

I watched the crew member, and he gave me a countdown with his fingers. “Here we go,” I told Kyle and it was balls to the fucking wall. I pushed out and the cold air hit us.

“Holyfuckingjesuschristohmygod!” Kyle yelled as we started to fly.

“Breathe, rookie,” I told him as I laughed, not sure if he heard me over the wind whooshing past our bodies. The air surrounded us, cocooning our bodies as one. The jump was perfect and finally Kyle relaxed. Exhilaration always made my heart pound during a jump and the fact I was sharing it with Kyle made it even better. The only problem was that it didn’t last long enough. It was kind of like having awesome sex but suffering from premature ejaculation. A single minute of experiencing Heaven wasn’t enough.

I pulled the double chute. As it deployed we took a hard jerk and then we floated. The scenery was beautiful. The light of the sun beating down on the earth was exquisite. We drifted right on target to the landing zone. When we landed Kyle was sucking in deep heavy breaths and I couldn’t tell if he was going to punch my lights out or high five me. I unhooked us and he turned to face me. His face was blank, and I couldn’t read what he was thinking or feeling.

He smiled at me, grabbed my face, and kissed me—right on the lips. It was a quick kiss, and damn it, I wanted it to be longer. He pulled back and looked as shocked as I was at what he had done.

“That was fucking awesome, Marshall!” he exclaimed. “That was the scariest, most nerve-wracking, most fucking adrenaline-charged thing I have ever done.”

Author Bio

Who is Lara Brukz? Born and raised in the natural state, Arkansas. Yes that’s right, we have computers too and shoes as well. Shoes are optional especially in this heat, hell sometimes clothes are optional too. So how does a girl from the middle of nowhere end up writing m/m fiction? Hell if I know. I started reading m/m fiction several years ago. Having the option of m/m with 2 dicks, or a m/f with a dick and a parts that I have but don’t care to read about. Of course I clearly choose the 2 dicks dueling. Just gets my groove moving!! Couple of years ago I met the awesome Ethan Stone, he’s like my twin except with a dick and I have a lot more hair on my head 🙂 . We’ve been pretty inseparable ever since. I have helped him (more like arguing) with some stories, you know giving my opinion and stuff. So long story short, he is the reason I started writing. He was the inspiration in my first book. Kiss and hugs to my gay husband. I work full-time crunching numbers and also attend college going for my 2nd degree. Mother of a rambunctious 7yr old and a wife. Yup you got it I don’t sleep a lot.


Lara has brought two great giveaways with her today! First, she is giving away a copy of Reviewing Life to one lucky reader!  Just leave a comment here  at the end of the post to enter.  The contest closes on Monday, December 30th at 11:59 pm EST.  Second, you can enter to win a copy of both books in the series, Reviewing Life and Five Star Review by entering through the Rafflecopter giveaway link.  That contest ends on Saturday, December 28th.  

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