Ok, so you just KNEW it wasn’t going to work the first time, right?  If you read my post yesterday, you know I am getting spammed all to hell.  Like INSANE amounts of spam.  People are DYING to sell you knock off purses, goose down jackets, and sports jerseys, you guys!

So I thought I had found a solution that was unobtrusive and would let you comment once, be approved, and never see Captcha again.  But of course, it didn’t work.  In 24 hours I had 100 Spam messages go through that should have been stopped.  I worked with the plug in developer and even he/she has no idea why it is not working.  So we are on to phase 2.

If this works (big IF), then this should be about a level 2 on the “Captcha Pain in the Ass Scale” versus a full on 10. Basically it adds a little check box at the end of the form you use to sign in to post.  It is right after Submit button.  You need uncheck it for it to let you post.  So you don’t have to read any thing or enter anything or do anything but uncheck a little box.  Should be painless. Hopefully it works.

I’ll keep you posted and thanks for bearing with me. I have no idea why I am such a spam magnet but alas, seems to be the case.


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