small_newsOk guys, I have resisted this as long as possible.  But unfortunately it looks like I am going to need to add some sort of Captcha to the commenting on the blog.

Basically, my site is getting spammed to death.  Like insane amounts of junk. People are DYING to sell you all knock off purses and penis enhancements you guys!  Like 2000 junk messages flagged in the last two weeks alone.  Insanity!

So fortunately, my spam filter kicks butt and most of that never makes it to the light of day.  But because it is catching it after it makes it through to the site, my server use is out of control. And my site host is warning me I’m going to end up in Server Jail (just down the road from Facebook Jail). Because my site is being mean and pushy and stealing space from all the other sweet young blogs on the server so something has to be done.

So what does that mean?  Yes, Captcha. I hear you guys, I hate it too.  Like LOATHE it. But I have no choice.  I have found something that I think will be better than straight Captcha though.  It basically lets me approve people after the first time they make a comment and correctly fill out the Captcha form. And once you are approved, you shouldn’t see it again.  At least that is the plan. We will see how it goes.  It also uses regular typed numbers and you need to follow the instructions (like “enter the last two numbers on the list”).  So you just need to be able to follow basic instructions, rather than squint and stand on your head to read fuzzy letters.

Ok, so what happens from here?  The plug in should be active now and hopefully working as planned. For you guys, the first time you comment you will have to go through the whole approval process.  After that, as long as you aren’t selling me black market Viagra, you should be good. If you want to get the whole thing out of the way now, just leave me a comment here about whatever you want (feel free to expound on my many virtues if you are struck for inspiration) and I will approve you now so you are all set when you want to comment for reals.

So we will see how this goes.  Fingers crossed. And don’t hesitate to tell me if it turns out to be a total mess and we will look for other options.  Thanks my dears!

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