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Length: Novella

Larry Kincaid throws a Christmas party every year that has become the social event of the season. Normally that’s his one focus at this time of year, but not this year. With the death of his sister four months ago, Larry is now raising his five year-old nephew, Angus. Unsure of his abilities to be what Angus needs, Larry feels like he’s fumbling every day. When Angus informs Larry that he wants to attend the Christmas party, the next step is to get Angus a tux, as his annual Christmas party is a formal affair.

Joshua Langdon is planning on spending the holiday the same way he has every year – alone. When Larry and Angus happen into his shop, Josh is immediately taken by the sweet boy and the lion of a man. The chance meeting leads to Josh’s attendance at Larry’s party. When their attraction leads to the bedroom, mistakes and miscommunication threaten to end what might have been before it even gets started.

One thing I love about the holiday season is Dreamspinner Press’ Advent Collection. And one of the first stories I look for in each collection is Andrew Grey’s addition. This year’s collection is entitled Heartwarming, and it’s the perfect description for Grey’s A Lion in Tails.

Not only did I fall for Larry and Josh, I completely fell head over heels for Angus. Larry is a fish out of water. His world is shaken with the loss of his sister and the new addition to his household. He’s doing his best, but he doesn’t feel like his best is enough. Josh describes Larry as a lion – growly, strong, dominant – but Josh is also very strong. He’s headstrong, confident, and patient. They’re a great pair. Larry is stubborn and unforgiving. And Josh is patient and understanding.  And Angus…well, Angus is quite possibly the most precious five-year old. His story is heartbreaking and hopeful. And the kid will leave you with a smile on your face.

This story is precious. In a short amount of time, Grey gives readers a character history, a meet-cute, misunderstanding and conflict, and resolution. And he does it all in a very satisfying manner. This story is very sweet. I enjoy the emotions that tracked throughout this tale. The confusion, frustration, hope, sense of family, and love.

A Lion in Tails is the quintessential holiday tale – heartwarming, precious, and full of love. Larry, Josh, and Angus make this story lovable. I highly recommend A Lion in Tails by Andrew Grey.

Cover: This cover by Catt Ford is beautiful and the perfect setup for this story. I love it.

A review copy of this book was provided by Dreamspinner Press.

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