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Eighteen months ago Reign King would have never been able to picture the life he has today. The love and support that Officer Samuel Briggs brought into his life was unexpected, but welcome. His life has changed in so many ways. Not only does he have the love of Sam, but he’s finally started his own catering business and he’s even looking for a business partner. When his daughter’s grandmother dies suddenly, Rey is given the opportunity to get to know his daughter after years apart.

It’s been eighteen months since Samuel Briggs found the love of his life in Rey King. After the struggles of their first few months together, Sam is happy to be part of Rey’s life. He’s proud of his partner’s success and he’s looking forward to a future with the man he loves. But Sam isn’t sure what to think about David, Rey’s new business partner. Sam is thrilled when Rey’s daughter becomes part of his life again. He loves the idea of adding to their family. But it’s hard feeling like a third wheel.

When opportunities for growth in their relationship and their new family turn into jealousies, mistakes, and misunderstandings, Sam and Rey realize they are walking a fine line that can either make their relationship better or tear it apart forever.

At the beginning of the year, I was lucky enough to read and review A.M. Arthur’s Cost of Repairs for you. I told you of two broken men who fell in love and struggled to keep some semblance of a relationship, the obstacles that nearly tore them apart for good, and the love they shared that gave them strength. Well, ladies and gentlemen, Samuel and Reign are back! I could not have been more excited to learn of this continuation of their stories and to find out that Rey’s daughter, Faith, would be a big part of it. I was beyond excited. And I promise to you, this book definitely lived up to and exceeded my expectations.

Rey and Samuel have been part of every book in this series. They are not only a strong couple, but they are strength and stability to the other couples in this series so far. The thing about couples is that as happy as they look on the outside, it’s not always happy, they don’t always agree, and they don’t always get everything right. So, yes, I loved that Rey and Samuel struggle even a year and a half later. I love that they disagree, they make mistakes, and they get jealous. It makes a couple that I already loved real and so much more lovable to watch them take those mistakes, realize their own wrongdoings, and learn from them, grow from them. I love Rey and Sam so much that I’m hoping they get another story again someday because I don’t think I can ever get enough of them.

We were introduced to new characters and new subject matter in this story. First, Faith. Rey’s kid is absolutely precious. She’s innocent and all seeing, and too intuitive for her own good. Faith added so much to this story, to Rey and Sam’s lives. And to see her incorporated into their family, to see the way Sam and Rey dealt with their problems in such a way as to affect Faith as little as possible…I just loved the addition of Faith to the Briggs-King household. Then we have David, I wasn’t sure what to think about David at first. I wasn’t sure that I liked him. I was afraid he was the enemy. But he turns out to be a wonderful friend with secrets and issues of his own. So, of course, I’m looking forward to his story (hopefully coming soon.) And John, Rey’s ex-father-in-law, is such a confusing part of Rey’s life. I was certain that I didn’t want to like him, but by the end, John captured a huge part of my life.

What I love about this author’s books is that she doesn’t hold back. She presents readers with difficult subject matter and hopes for the best. Domestic abuse, the loss of a loved one due to illness, the suspected abuse of a friend in need – this author brings light to the darkness of this world and makes her characters grown into amazingly strong and wonderfully beautiful men, examples for other couples to look to.

This story, so beautifully written and captivating, is simply perfect. From beginning to end, it’s engrossing and easy to read. I loved seeing Rey and Sam struggle only to grow exponentially. I love the new characters in this book. I sincerely loved this book. I highly recommend Acts of Faith by A.M. Arthur.

Acts of Faith is the fourth book in A.M. Arthur’s Cost of Repairs series. This series should be definitely be read in order.

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