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There has always been a Wolf living at Wolf Creek Ranch since the town of Wolf Creek was founded, and Vance Wolf plans on keeping it that way. When an out-of-towner, big city type bought the ranch next door, Vance and his family thought nothing of it. But after meeting the New York businessman, Vance is certain he doesn’t trust the man. Many refused offers to buy Wolf Creek Ranch have turned into missing cattle, poisoned water, and the loss of some good horses in a barn fire. But the last straw is Vance’s father’s heart attack and subsequent death. Vance is determined to do whatever he can to keep Wolf Creek, but with the dwindling herd and cold shoulder from town businesses his family has worked with for decades, Vance is forced to accept the suggestion from his mother: open up the ranch to city-types as a sort of cowboy camp.

Adam Prentiss is not happy with his life. He’s doing work expected of him instead of following his dreams, all so he can protect the mother he loves from the father he hates. When his father sent him and his team on a team building mission to a ranch in Texas, Adam knew the man had to have an ulterior motive. Tasked to spy on the handsome ranch owner and use any means necessary to get information on the ranch, Adam rails against his father every chance he gets. But the threat of danger hanging over his mother’s head won’t allow Adam to go against his father’s wishes for too long.

Vance noticed Adam when he first walked onto the ranch, but the man resisted his come-ons time and time again. Adam can’t help his attraction to Vance, but he refuses to sleep with a man while spying on him behind his back. When a horrible night for Vance opens Adam’s eyes to the real man, Adam knows he can no longer resist Vance. But after Adam discovers his father’s secrets, can Adam keep the man he’s quickly falling for in his life and keep his mother safe at the same time?

New York Cowboy is a sweet story of lust at first sight, deception, betrayal, and a budding attraction that overcomes it all, but not before they hit a few bumps in the road. I adore this book.

The thing I liked most about the characters in this story is that there relationship was not the only issue that these men dealt with. Vance is grieving, working through his father’s death, and struggling to save his family farm. Then there’s Adam, who has lived his entire life for other people, wants nothing more than to turn his back on his father, struggles to keep his mother out of the clutches of his demented father, and hates betraying Vance. Their struggles coalesce into a relationship that not only brings them comfort personally, but also becomes the building block in solving their problems.

I like this story a lot. There are a lot of ups and downs. The story is emotional, sexy, and fun. The chase and the slow build of Adam and Vance’s attraction-cum-relationship makes this story addicting. I enjoyed that the conflict in both men’s lives worked against their relationship until it didn’t, until it worked to heal what was broken.

The only thing I wish for this story, and my only small issue with this book, is I wish we could have seen more of Vance and Adam’s life afterwards. Maybe see the weeks between the revelation of Adam’s father’s plan and the confrontation with his father. I would have liked to see Adam and Vance really fall in love. Or maybe an epilogue, something to show me how their everyday relationship was working, maybe Adam following his dream of being a vet. I mean, the story is good. But I just wanted a little more from the ending.

All in all, New York Cowboy is thoroughly enjoyable, especially for a cowboy, conflicted-relationship lover like me. I adore the characters and the story. I definitely recommend this sweet, sweet story by Lisa Worrall.

Note: 20% of the royalties of each copy of New York Cowboy sold will be donated to the Friends of Roxburgh House – the hospice where Lisa Worrall’s friend, Keith Donald, to whom the book is dedicated, spent his last weeks.

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