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Donny is struggling with the secrets he has to keep and his new place in life. After the abuse he suffered at the hands of his father, the Alpha of his birth pack, Donny and his cousin Tiber ran away to find a pack and acceptance of their own. Finding a pack of Betas who had recently lost their Alpha and who were looking for leadership was just plain luck. But when a rogue wolf stalks the woods and their pack, Donny and Tiber take every precaution to protect their pack…even if it means lying to a new wolf in the area. But in Donny’s life trust doesn’t come easy. When he is tasked with keeping an eye on Connor and his mate Josh, Donny obeys, but knows that somehow his clumsiness or his awkwardness will get in the way.

Proctor has missed his best friend and ex work partner, so for the next three weeks he plans on spending as much time as he can with Conner and Josh in the middle of nowhere town of Black Creek. When Proctor drives into town he immediately knows something is off. There is something uncomfortable about the small town, and if Proctor were following his cop instincts he would turn around now, but he can’t wait to see Connor and Josh again. While spending time with his friends, Proctor catches a peeping tom at their windows. When the trio come up with a convenient excuse as to why Donny is watching them through the windows, Proctor isn’t convinced. As a matter of fact, he’s sure they are lying to him but he can’t figure out why. They are keeping something from him and he is determined to find out what the big secret is before he returns to the city in three weeks.

Spending time with Donny while visiting Connor and Josh is no hardship. In fact, Proctor is finding that it is easy to care about the quirky young man with too many secrets. But when the rogue wolf attacks again, exposing Donny’s world and his true nature to Proctor, will Proctor and Donny’s fragile bond be able to survive the lies and secrets that stand between them?

One Bratty Omega by Stephani Hecht is the second book in the Building the Pack trilogy by RJ Scott, Stehpani Hecht, and Amber Kell.

I have a weakness for Stephani Hecht books. They are part of my pallet cleanser collection of books. If I’ve just read an extremely angsty book and I’m looking for a book that will let my brain and emotions relax for a while, I turn to Stephani Hecht. Her books are extremely sweet, some are funny, others are simply cute. They are angst-free and don’t require me to over think things. They are my solace after a storm. One Bratty Omega follows the course of Hecht’s other books. It’s sweet and quirky, and it’s a fun and easy read.

Donny was introduced in the first book in this series. He is the omega of a pack, but doesn’t know exactly what that means. He’s confused and a bit lost. He’s conflicted. He doesn’t like lying to those around him. Donny is precious. He’s sweet and adorable. I love a good, quirky character, and Donny definitely fits that bill. And then there’s Proctor. Proctor is the strength of this duo. He is solid and pretty much unbreakable. He can handle just about anything that’s thrown at him…if you give him enough time. He is the balance to Donny’s personality. Proctor is level-headed and honest. He’s supportive and extremely caring. They make a good match.

My biggest complaint about this book is that it has too many inconsistencies with the world that was first created in book one, The New Wolf. For example “If the black wolf had bit you to change you, instead of killing you, then you would have been evil like him.” If that were true, then how did the black wolf become evil as he was changed by Edward, a very good wolf? That’s not the only inconsistency, merely an example, but there are definitely more.

In this story we get to see more of the pack structure. Yes, the story is focused on the romance, but there is more paranormal world in this book. The role of the Alpha is and pretty much will always be the same. But the thing that sets shifter worlds apart is the other members of the pack and their roles. In this book we get more distinct descriptions of the Betas and the Omega. It was nice. Again, it’s not unique, but still good.

As with a lot of shifter stories that have an Omega we hear “You’re the glue that holds us together.” If it was said once in this book, it was said ten times. Isn’t there a better way to say this that would sound less repetitive? It gets a little annoying after a while. And while I’m on the subject of Donny and his Omega-ness, it is said that he is an asset to any pack, yet his father hated him. Why? That question was raised several times, yet there was never an answer, which left this story feeling incomplete.

I liked this book. I did. It’s was sweet and quirky and cute. But it’s not perfect. The inconsistencies and unanswered questions were just too prominent to ignore. So yes, I liked One Bratty Omega, but I did not love it.

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