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As Alpha of the Black Creek pack, Tiberius is always on his guard. Protecting his pack is his number one priority, especially with the increasing threat of attack by the rogue shifter hiding in the woods. But his constant vigilance doesn’t make up for not having a mate, someone of his own to love and cherish. While hunting the rogue wolf, Tiber and his Betas come across an injured red wolf, a wolf that Tiber is immediately drawn to, even if he doesn’t understand why.

Keir left his pack in search of a pack accepting of his sexuality. Gay wolves were not allowed in his home pack, and Keir couldn’t hide himself much longer. Hearing of the pack in Vermont that was open to all shifters, Keir travelled north. But before he could make it to the pack lands, he was attacked by a feral black wolf and left for dead. Keir knew immediately that Tiber was his mate when the man rescued him. He also knew the man was to be his Alpha, and Alpha’s were notorious for having more than one mate in order to build the pack. But Keir, being a red wolf, would only have one mate, a mate pre-destined by fate. Now he just has to convince Tiber that he is the only mate the Alpha will ever have or need.

The adjustment to having a mate, such a big, possessive mate, takes a little bit of time for Tiber, but he wouldn’t change it. The sense of caring and security he has with Keir is everything he’s hoped for. But when the rogue wolf steps up his game and kidnaps one of the children of the pack, Tiber has to decide between staying by Keir’s side and protecting his pack, even if it may cost Tiber his life.

The Alpha’s Only by Amber Kell is the third and final book in the Building the Pack trilogy by RJ Scott, Stephani Hecht, and Amber Kell.

I said this about the previous author of this trilogy, and it remains true for Amber Kell as well. Kell’s stories are fun and entertaining. They are the books that I am drawn to after a particularly emotional book that leaves me drained. Kell’s books are sweet and happy and don’t make me think too much. This final book of the Building the Pack trilogy is right on course for the previous books I’ve read from this author.

A very common trait among Kell’s books is the lovability of the characters. Tiber and Keir are so great. Not only are they both these big alpha-type men, but they both have vulnerabilities and insecurities that make them human. Well, as human as they can be since they’re shifters. I adore Tiber’s huge heart. His need to protect those he cares about without thought to his own safety. And I love Keir’s need to protect Tiber. His confidence and determination fuel his need for his mate. They are a very strong alpha pair and a great match for one another.

I probably liked this storyline best of the three books because the main story arc finally came to a head and was tied up in a nice neat bow. I liked the addition of the red wolf heritage and the fated mates to this story. I’m always a fan of mates, pretty much any way they’re played. And I like the betrayal that played a part of this story. Yes, I saw it coming, but only because the author hints at it early on. It was a well-planned, fun, and very entertaining story.

My biggest problem and the reason that, even though this story is my favorite, it didn’t get the highest rating of the three is the lack of consistency in relation to the other three books. I could point out numerous issues with the world that aren’t on point with the other two books. Like the telepathy between alpha’s and their pack. Tiber was able to talk to Connor in the first book, but in this book, it’s stated that “Some Alphas could communicate telepathically, but only to their mates.”  Then Oscar’s purpose for going after Tiber’s pack in the second book was to kill all shifters because they are an abomination, but in this book we find out that not only does he have two mates and children for the past several years, he’s not planning on wiping shifters from existence, he simply wants to be Alpha and dictator of his own pack. I’m a details girl. I notice the little things and I like for the series to be consistent. If there is more than one author I expect them to work out the details in a way that makes the series flow as one. Instead of flowing seamlessly, this series is more like three books set in similar worlds that have different rules, and have similar characters.

Like I said, I really like this book the best, I love these characters and adore the story. And if it hadn’t been for the inconsistencies throughout the series, I would have given it a higher score. So, a 4-star review for this book, a 3.5 star for the series. Still, I recommend The Alpha’s Only by Amber Kell.

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